Freshmen: Olaf Mortensen and Dylan Maguire

The Freshmen crew have been eager to pair Olaf with Dylan Maguire ever since Olaf joined the Freshmen family. Dylan’s performance is always superb, however when paired with a partner whose arse and nipples are as fantastic as Olaf’s, his performance rises to spectacular. Dylan is an energetic and voracious top and that Olaf is an eager and excellent bottom. Though Dylan would like nothing more than to plunge his dick into Olaf’s ample butt, he decides to make Olaf work for it. This “work” entails lavish blow jobs and copious rimming which Olaf engages in eagerly.

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Freshmen: Jason Bacall and Elio Chalamet and Pip Caulfield

This scene begins with Jason and Elio barging in on a training session Kevin is conducting with Timothy Blue. We are treated to the bonus of watching a few moments of a training session that otherwise would have remained hidden forever. The soap opera continues into the main scene with Pip and Elio beginning the action before the cameraman arrives. When Jason joins in, we are treated to what is probably the Freshmen three-way of the year.

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