Freshmen: Kevin Warhol and Benny Saverin

This scene from Freshmen was supposed to be the young Benny’s first porn shoot. However, the film Director deemed him to be “too nervous” to proceed. Luckily, Benny sought advice from the perfect person, Kevin Warhol. Kevin has been one of the in-house trainer for many years. He knows how to make newbies comfortable, relaxed and horny! With the appropriate mood established Benny is treated to a wild ride that soon has Bennie sucking and riding dick like a pro!

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Freshmen: Viggo Sorensen and Jason Bacall

This scene of domestic bliss is Viggo Sorensen’s 2nd scene for Freshmen. He’s partnered with the lovely Jason Bacall and it begins with the two bickering like an old married couple. Jason is convinced that Viggo is not doing his fair share of the cleaning. Viggo decides that since Jason is riding his ass, he might as well ride Jason’s dick, thus restoring household tranquility.

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Freshmen: Jason Bacall and Elio Chalamet and Pip Caulfield

This scene begins with Jason and Elio barging in on a training session Kevin is conducting with Timothy Blue. We are treated to the bonus of watching a few moments of a training session that otherwise would have remained hidden forever. The soap opera continues into the main scene with Pip and Elio beginning the action before the cameraman arrives. When Jason joins in, we are treated to what is probably the Freshmen three-way of the year.

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