Gay Hoopla: Jeff Niels and Phillip Anadarko: Flip Fuck

Phillip Anadarko and Jeff Niels found themselves asleep and horny in the same bed all cuddled up. After some thrusts between the two brought enough energy to actually awake them, they kissed. At the time, Christmas was getting close and both wanted candy canes in their mouths. Phillip later took out a toy to start to loosen Jeff’s sweet little butt hole. Phillip was done playing games and wanted to fuck Jeff’s manhole. The two started off the morning right, chopping down that wood … and the Gay Hoopla cameras captured this amazing flip fuck between these two hot, masculine men!

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Gay Hoopla: Jayden Marcos and Robbie Valentine BURN IT DOWN

These two young men were so hot for each other that the Gay Hoopla crew could barely stop them from starting without the cameras being ready to roll. Jayden Marcos was all smiles and couldn’t keep his hands off Robbie Valentine. For his part, Robbie was JUST excited to get into action with Jayden, but when it came time to get his arse fucked, Robbie let out a bit of a gulp and then hung on for the fucking of his life. Don’t worry, Jayden opened him up and Robbie blew a big spontaneous load while he was still getting fucked … then got Jayden’s load blown all over his back and butt. Just about as perfect as can be.

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Gay Hoopla: Phillip Anadarko and Jerry Cabrera

For all the uncut cock fans anticipating this pairing … Gay Hoopla were pleased to be able to release this new video starring two uncut hotties … Jerry Cabrera and Phillip Anadarko. Jerry has been intrigued with two things about Phillip, obviously the uncut cock, but mostly Phillip’s porn experience. Jerry has always looked up to Phillip and wanted a porn career like his. Both of them came out strong and passionate from the get go … one trying to out class the other. Jerry normally prefers to top, but today he wanted Phillip to take him. Jerry screamed in ecstasy as his butt cheeks were spread apart and his tight little arsehole was licked over and over by Phillip. When it was all slick and ready, it was like Jerry had went to heaven as Phillip’s cock entered and started to fuck him!

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