Jake Cruise: Jessy Ares and Justin Chase

Justin Chase is supposed to be in the living room filling out paperwork for Jake Cruise. Jessy Ares goes to check on him only to find Justin busy cranking away at his fat uncut cock. Fuck it, he thinks to himself, the paperwork can wait! Jessy hops on the couch aside Justin and swallows his big dick. Justin soon returns the favour and both guys now have raging hard-ons. Justin rips off Jessy’s clothes and gives Jessy’s feet a tongue bath before heading back up to his swollen member. All this sucking gets the guys in the mood to fuck! Justin spreads his legs and Jessy plunges his fuck stick deep inside Justin’s tight arse.

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Jake Cruise: Sven Norse and Robert Castle

Scruffy daddy Sven Norse and smooth chested Robert Castle begin by making out together in this hot new video from Jake Cruise. Sven pulls off Robert’s shirt and then removes his own shirt. Robert kisses Sven’s chest and works his way down to his abs. Robert pulls down Sven’s jeans and swallows his already rock hard cock. Sven pulls Robert up to his feet and takes his turn on his knees taking Robert’s young cock deep into his mouth. Sven then throws Robert’s legs back and eats his sweet hole. After getting his fill, Sven bends over and let’s Robert pump his cock in and out of his own hairy arse … hot!

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Jake Cruise: Chance Logan and Kevin Case

Chance Logan and Kevin Case haven’t jerked off in days and are anxious to help each other find sweet release in this video from Jake Cruise. Kevin is the first to be peeled out of his clothes, revealing his HUGE cock. Chance quickly gets to work, swallowing Kevin down to his pubes. Kevin is getting hungry for some cock so Chance lays back and gives Kevin a taste. Chance proves to be an oral athlete and switches back to eating Kevin’s cock and hairy arse. Kevin wants more than just Chance Logan’s tongue in his arse. Chance spreads Kevin’s cheeks and buries his boner deep inside Kevin’s hole. Kevin loves the feeling of Chance thrusting away inside him.

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Jake Cruise: Jake and Drew Cutler

It isn’t often that Jake from Jake Cruise gets so caught up in kissing and groping a guy that he forgets that the camera’s rolling. But that’s what almost happened with Drew Cutler at the beginning of this video. Drew tends to be more wild than mild and that suited Jake’s mood perfectly. Drew’s cock is about as perfect as a cock gets. It’s straight, long, and thick and Jake came so very close to swallowing the whole rod. With Drew standing up naked, Jake was on his knees stroking and sucking until they moved the action up to the bed. They went balls out, as the saying goes, with intense 69-ing before Jake gave Drew a 5-star rim job. Drew wanted to fuck Jake and Jake admitted afterwards that it was hard (pun intended) to take his dick up his ass but, as the saying goes, no pain no gain. After cleaning up all that cum, he says he’d gladly do it all over again!

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