Leo Louis and Troye Dean: Impaled: Pt 2 model Troye Dean gets an idea of how big Leo Louis’s cock is from touching it through the top’s pants, then grinding against it, but as the twink sucks it he can’t get over how huge it is! Troye strokes that massive dick with both hands, and there’s still room for Leo to add one more! The bottom slowly eases down on that enormous cock, but soon he’s riding it hard and then getting pounded in doggy-style. Troye cums as the top fucks him deep and hard in missionary, then Leo pulls out and blows his load.

| Want to see more of Leo and Troye? Click here | Finn Harding and Presley Scott: Hard Strikes model Presley Scott and his buddies show up for their first martial arts class, and Presley’s very impressed by hot sensei Finn Harding. Finn tells his class he wants hard strikes and sets them to spar, but not before demonstrating some moves on Presley that include grabbing his balls and rubbing the bottom’s bulge with his leg! After Presley knocks out his sparring partner, the guys have some time alone to practice one-on-one, and take off their clothes before their tongues wrestle. Presley sucks the top while striking his arse, then gets on his hands and knees to get fucked. He rides the master, then Finn uses some advanced techniques to pound him on his back and make Presley blow a huge load before he strikes the bottom’s face with his cum.

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After a long day on patrol, cops Bruce Jones and Greg Dixxon strip off in the locker room. Bruce can’t get enough of his partner’s musk, and when Greg comes back from the shower, he catches him sniffing his underwear! Greg cuffs Bruce to the bench and makes him lick and smell his pits, then sucks and rims the bottom. Bruce begs for the top’s cock and gets it doggystyle, then sucks that big nightstick. Greg pounds the bottom against the lockers, and Bruce rides him and takes a hard drilling in missionary till he orgasms. The top cums all over him! The film crew were there to capture all the action!

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Mr. and Mrs. Stroke are back at Dr. Cox’s office yet again for false labour. Her husband keeps giving her attitude, so she asks the doctor to hook him up to the contraction simulator for a taste of what she’s experiencing. Jay Stroke feels something … and when Dr. Mitch cranks it all the way up, he has an unexpected reaction, cumming so hard he hits the ceiling! After the couple leave, model Mitch plays with the cum and fingers his hole, but gets caught by his hot twink nurse, Jake Preston. Jake fucks the silver fox doggy-style and missionary on the exam table, and the guys suck each other. Dr Cox cums hard as Nurse Preston fucks him deep, then demands the twink’s hot load on his hole.

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