Menatplay: Dani Robles and Xavi Garcia: Upfront Payment

Clean-shaven professor Dani Robles works at an audio-visual design school, where Menatplay model Xavi Garcia stops in for some information for his son. After a tour of the school, in a conference room, the two men discuss admissions terms – including a discount with full upfront payment. However, Xavi isn’t hooked with the discount offer but his visibly hard cock lets Dani know exactly what he is interested in.

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Menatplay: Leo Rosso and Bastian Karim: Cine-X Chill and Play

Leo Rosso is enjoying a Menatplay movie of men having sex in suits at the exclusive MAP Cine-X. He can’t help take out his cock and start to jerk off. Young Colombian Bastian Karim arrives and sits in the row behind. As with many gentlemen before him at Cine-X, Bastian is horny and starts to play with himself. Noticing the sexy boy, Leo invites Bastian to change seats next to him. And, an afternoon office break turns into a chill and play suited fuck session!

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Menatplay: Joe Gillis and Cole Keller: Shower Play

Menatplay model Joe Gillis says goodbye to his husband Cole Keller before heading out to the office. Cole wants some morning play but Joe wants to miss the traffic. On his way out, Joe regrets leaving and turns around; finding his bodybuilder stud in the shower. Admiring his greatest supporter, Joe is ready and there’s no time to take his suit off – it’s time for some passionate shower play.

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