Sean Cody: Landon and Asher: Bareback

It’s been nearly three years since the last time these two hotties appeared on screen together with Sean Cody, and Asher still has very fond memories of their original threesome. “That was my first one,” ebony top Landon reveals before he starts kissing Asher and pushing up his shirt. Excited to have Landon all to himself this time, Asher returns the favour and can’t help exclaiming over Landon’s unbelievable abs: “Damn. Still ripped!” The guys strip down and Landon deep-throats Asher’s uncut cock before bending him over a chair to fuck his hole doggy-style. Landon’s big dick is exactly what Asher needs to shoot a huge load as the top pounds his butthole The to change things up a bit, Landon then puts Asher on the floor for some more intense doggy-style before cumming all over the bottom’s muscular arse!

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Sean Cody: Sean and Graham: Bareback

The Sean Cody film crew didn’t tell Graham whom he was going to be filming with, so when he showed up on set he saw Sean he just started laughing and said “I’ve seen that thing! I’m not sure I can take that!” Naturally, Graham was talking about Sean’s massive dick. In the end tho, these two had a really great time on set together and Sean really pushed Graham’s limits. “It was awesome. I think it may be the best sex I have ever had.” said Graham afterwards. “Are you serious?” asked the cameraman. Graham wasn’t kidding. “I’ve never had anyone shove a jock in my face while they fuck me or slap my face with my own load. Yeah, that was by far the best sex I have ever had!”!

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Sean Cody: Daniel and Tanner: Bareback

When Daniel and Tanner met for the first time at the Sean Cody studios, it was as if they have both been longing for this moment … quite literally a match made in heaven! “I’ve been waiting for this for a while!” Daniel looked eager as he touched his rapidly hardening cock. After some chit chat, they were ready to get started, and Tanner took Daniel’s hand to lead him back inside the house, but Daniel wanted him right there and then, and pulled him back and kissed him intensely. That was the instant that everyone knew that this was going to be a great fuck … and it surely was!

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