Southern Strokes: Colt and Carson

Carson loves being naked outdoors. It was hot summer afternoon but there was a nice breeze so the Southern Strokes crew picked a cool spot in the shade so that Carson could take a whipping from their new boy Colt McGraw. Carson did exactly that! He serviced and worshiped Colt’s chiselled torso and worked his way down to Colt’s big cut cock. After sucking Colt hard, Carson bent over so that he could take it like a man. You will be amazed at how deep Colt was able to thrust his cock as the bent over Carson moaned with pleasure. Carson even climbed up on the fence so that he could ride our Colt. Both studs finished off this hot day on the Ranch by dumping huge loads of thick cum bringing a new meaning to whitewash.

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Southern Strokes: Skyler Lane and Fernando: Flip Fuck

Both of these studs can take it as well as they give it, so Southern Strokes decided this was the time for a little flip flop action! Skyler likes it a rough, so Fernando grabbed him by the back of his head and fucked Skyler’s throat with his big swollen cock. Fernando then threw Skyler on his back and put his ankles over his head and shoved his uncut piece of meat deep in Skyler’s juicy hole. Then Fernando wanted Skyler’s cock in his hole, so the guys swapped positions and Skyler returned the favour and pounded the fuck out of Fernando. Fernando was the first to shoot with Skyler’s dick deep in his hole and then Skyler fed Fernando his load, shooting it in his mouth.

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Southern Strokes: Skyler and Jayden

Skyler is a naughty little bottom and everyone knows how dirty Jayden can be. The guys started this video for Southern Strokes out by the pool with some deep arse eating to get Skyler’s hole nice and ready for Jayden’s big ‘ole cock. Then Skyler got on his back and put his legs up in the air and let Jayden have control over every part of him. Skyler couldn’t get it deep enough and he moaned in unison with every ball slap on his thrashed hole. Jayden’s balls tightened with every thrust as his nut sack filled with cum … he was ready to explode!

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Southern Strokes: Buck and Austin

This scene was filmed some time ago, and Austin had just done a solo for Southern Strokes, and he was popular with the members, so they thought it’d be nice to film his first guy on guy experience. They paired him up with Buck, who immediately wanted all the attention, which suited Austin fine, because he was obviously nervous as fuck. It took a while for these two to get things going, but Buck eventually broke the ice when he grabbed Austin’s hard cock and guided it into his wet mouth. You can see Austin thinking about sucking Buck’s cock back, but it took a while for him to work up the courage. The lads teased other for what seemed like forever before Buck finally demanded that Austin shove his cock in his arse. Austin wasn’t gonna let Buck down, so he bent him over and fucked him good and hard!

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