Southern Strokes: JJ Handler and Jayden Ellis

Anyone that knows that Southern Strokes lad Jayden Ellis, knows that he likes a big cock. So when he knew he would get to play around with JJ Handler and his big uncut cock, he was all for it! As it didn’t take long for JJ to get hard from Jayden’s oral work … he was quick to wrap his big uncut cock and put Jayden on all fours and make him take it from behind. Jayden begged for more as JJ slapped his ass and grabbed the back of his neck making him take it deeper and harder. Then JJ put Jayden on his back and held his legs open wide and pumped him full of his black uncut piece of meat …

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Southern Strokes: Logan Taylor and Haigan Sence

Logan has become the most popular bottom at Southern Strokes and everyone knows that Haigan is the clear favourite among the tops. These guys are as masculine as you will find with the real life stories to support that and here they are standing next to each other shirtless and admiring each others ink. Haigan was getting real turned on by the attention and pushed Logan down to his knees so that he could suck his cock. Logan moaned as he deep throated Haigan’s big uncut tool. It didn’t take much before Haigan was standing at attention and ready to penetrate Logan’s moist hole. Logan got on all fours so that Haigan could mount him. Logan let out a sign of relief as he felt Haigan’s big cock pounding on his prostate. The louder Logan moaned the harder Haigan fucked him. Logan got in his favourite position; on his back with his legs in the air, and Haigan thanked him by holding his trunks open wide as he stuffed his ass with his uncut piece of meat. Logan was screaming for Haigan to fuck him harder and harder. Haigan couldn’t hold it back any longer and he shot one of his famous cum shots.

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Southern Strokes: Tony Newport and Jayden Ellis

Jayden has had the proverbial hard-on for Tony for quite a while, so the Southern Strokes team thought they would let the two of them go at it and sit back and enjoy the show. These two were naked on the bed and ready to go before the crew could even get all of their equipment set up. Jayden was so horned up that he couldn’t keep his mouth off of Tony’s big cock. Jayden only came up for air long enough to lock lips with Tony for a spell and then back down on the cock he went. Tony was ready to fuck so he spread open Jayden’s cheeks so that his tongue could get that hole nice and wet. Jayden could barely handle Tony’s tongue fucking so he begged Tony to fill his hole. Tony mounted Jayden and the boys forgot that the cameras were there …

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Southern Strokes: Miles and Ashton

There isn’t anything Ashton likes better than a big ‘ole Cock on a hot college stud … so he was literally chomping at the bit to get Miles’s monster in his mouth when they met up at Southern Strokes for this video. Ashton laid his head over the bed so that Miles could throat fuck him to give Ashton a little taste of what his arsehole was about to experience. Ashton finally begged Miles to fuck him, so he jumped up on all fours and spread open his hairy little hole for Miles’s pleasure pole. Miles’s cock kept swelling the longer he fucked Ashton’s hole. The camera crew thought Ashton was going to pass out before he got Miles’s creamy load in his mouth!

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