TX College Boys: Jonny and Bailey and Bauer: 3-Way

This is the first 3-way scene TX College Boys have ever filmed, and it didn’t even start off to be a 3-way. Initially Jonny and Bailey planned to do a duo scene, as Bailey was really wanting to explore his submissive side. Bauer had driven Bailey over and was waiting in the living room. As Jonny and Bailey started making out they both agreed that it might be hot if Bauer joined in, and Bauer was up for it too! It didn’t take long before Bailey was kneeling down and sucking both of them off at the same time. Bailey loved having 2 hard cocks in his mouth … his inner slut was definitely coming out! In preparation of getting fucked, Bailey laid back with his legs in the air exposing his sweet tight hole. Jonny gets first dibs on Bailey’s sweet hole and has him ride his cock. Then Jonny puts Bailey on his back and continues pounding his slutty hole while Bailey starts sucking Bauer. Both of Bailey’s holes were being filled … hot! Then they switch up and Bauer gets a crack at Bailey’s arse while Jonny grabs the camera and shoots a little POV action of Bailey going down on his cock …

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TX College Boys: Jonny and David

David called TX College Boys to see if he could make some extra cash. They like the guy, so decided to see if he could push the envelope a little and actually get fucked this time. He really is straight, but fairly willing to be adventuresome on camera. The last guy that tried was too big, so today they decided to give Jonny have a shot, as he’s not quite as thick, and might be better for David’s first time. Jonny loves to fuck and was definitely down for the challenge. Jonny also likes to kiss and it really surprised everyone that David didn’t object. He just kinda rolled with it and ended up losing is anal virginity too!

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TX College Boys: David Fucks Eli

Today Eli gets to fuck David at TX College Boys . Things start out normally as Eli undresses David and goes to work on his cock. “Not bad,” quips Eli, who then got naked himself, and continued slobbering David’s knob. David then gets on all four’s exposing his sweet hole in preparation for a good rimming before the fucking. “You can tell it’s tight,” remarks Eli as he has David lie on his back and spread his legs so he can finger him and try a dildo. The dildo wasn’t very big, and it was obvious that David was having problems taking it. So … luckily Eli is versatile, and change of plans … now David is going to fuck Eli instead!

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TX College Boys: Kale Fucks Tyler

Kale and Tyler had gone to the same high school together, and Kale told the TX College Boys cameraman that he had always wanted to get in Tyler’s pants. Tyler had a girlfriend but was always hit on by gay guys and told he should do porn. So when Kale brought it up, it wasn’t that big of a stretch. You might think Tyler would want to take it slow for his first time with another guy, but he was ready to go all the way and have his anal virginity taken by his friend!

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