UK Naked Men: Woody Fox and Dan Broughton

This is a Super HOT coupling from UK Naked Men … Australia’s favourite hunk, Woody Fox, is bottoming for the first time with the absolutely stunning, big-dicked boy-next-door Dan Broughton! This is actually Woody’s fantasy scenario … “a massage gone bad”, where Woody offers up his toned sexy body, and very tight hole, to Dan’s talented fingers, tongue and big, fat uncut cock … and it all ends in a hot, sticky mess!

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UK Naked Men: Matt Brookes and Mackenzie Cross

No hole goes unstuffed when Matt Brookes is on the scene. UK Naked Men have been shooting this stud for nine years (in fact, he took their porn cherry), and no wonder they keep coming back, this thick dicked sex crazed guy always delivers. He’s got a thick veiny uncut dick, always at the ready, with a heavy load of jizz to follow!  His partner today is Mackenzie Cross, a slim, tanned, totally horned up sub boy who’s ready to take anything Matt can slam at him … hot fuck!

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UK Naked Men: Paddy O’Brien Fucks Marco Sessions

For Paddy O’Brian’s first man-on-man fuck with UK Naked Men he chose the masculine and muscular Marco Sessions as his partner. Marco loved riding Paddy’s thick straight cockney cock and milked it for all he was worth. Paddy loved feeling his hot shaft deep inside Marco’s hole as its bloated missile head stretched and rippled Marco’s well fucked sphincter. Finally unable to hold back Paddy pushed Marco’s hand onto his cock and had him wank his straight cum out all over Marco’s magnificent abs … hot!

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