Videoboys: Benjamin London and Max Dawson

Benjamin London likes the whole game of trying to seduce straight guys. The flirting with them and pushing the straight boy out of his comfort zone and seeing how he reacts … it’s all part of the excitement and thrill of the chase. Max Dawson has been on Benjamin’s hit list for a few months now. Max is straight, has a girlfriend and has no intention of coming over to the gay side. But he’s got an open mind and Benjamin has been wearing him down ever since they met some time ago at the club where they both worked. In fact, at the staff Christmas party, with the alcohol flowing and the festive mood, Benjamin was able to make his first move on Max. And although he wasn’t able to take it as far as he wanted, he did break the ice. With that done Benjamin was able to convince Max to take it to the next level … which is what Videoboys were able to get on film here today!

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Videoboys: Hunter Sykes and Jo Diamond

After Videoboys filmed a solo with Hunter Sykes, they were really excited when he also agreed to do a duo scene. But with who? Hunter has a bit of the “bad boy” streak in him and, if he’s going to bottom, he likes his top to be masculine and dominant. So they went thru their model listings and decided upon Jo Diamond. But before they had the chance to propose the idea to Hunter, he texted them late one night: “I’m with a guy at the club tonight that’s really hot and he said he’d like to do a scene with me.” He included a picture of the guy he was with, and can you believe it? It was Jo Diamond!

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Videoboys: Jo Diamond and Dominic Couture

This new scene at Videoboys was Dominic’s chance to get Jo into an environment where he could spread out and really enjoy Jo’s big cock the way he has been dreaming of, ever since a previous rushed, cramped experience in an apartment bathroom. And both these guys took advantage of this comfy setting to really explore all their senses, especially taste and touch. Dominic took the time to explore that beautiful, fat cock and Jo savoured every moment of Dominic’s smooth, sweet arse!

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Videoboys: Jo Diamond and Zac Hunter: Power Fuck

Little Zac Hunter is a boy-crazy teen who knows what he wants when he sees it and he wears his horniness for all to see out on his sleeve. When he sees a guy he likes he’ll tell anyone within earshot “Oh my God, I want him to fuck me!” Videoboys reckon he’s such a cute little bundle of sexual energy he’d be the most welcome guest at a party of tops! Like Zac, Jo Diamond has a very healthy sex drive and he has a reputation around the gay village for his unbroken chain of conquests. If Jo sees a guy that he wants he finds a way to get that guy into his bed. And why not? He’s sexy as hell, very charming and has a great sense of humour. And for those guys who like tattoos, Jo is almost irresistible. So it was inevitable that these two would come together … check it out – some genuinely hot and romantic sex here!

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