William Higgins: Petr Sunek and Robin Tesarek

Petr Sunek is ready for his screen test at William Higgins. He is paired with Robin Tesarek and as they sit on the bed as Petr answers a few questions about his prior experience, then they begin kissing. Soon both guys are bare-chested and groping each other … pants are opened or lowered slightly and they wank each other. Then Robin takes off his jeans and Petr goes down on his rock-hard cock. Soon Robin returns the favour and sucks on Petr’s cock, licking up and down the shaft too. Then they move to 69 before Robin moves onto his knees and presents his hot butt for Petr to fuck.

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William Higgins: Simon Paldov and Karel Konrad: Cherry Busting

William Higgins models Simon Paldov and Karel Konrad look good together as they sit on the bed being interviewed. Straight lad Karel is due to get his cherry busted in this scene and they start off by kissing. Then they help each other to take off their clothes and Karel goes down on Simon’s already hard cock. He licks the shaft and sucks on the balls and takes the rock-hard dick into his mouth. Karel lays down for more sucking before turning to present his arse and virgin hole for Simon’s eager tongue. Soon a finger slips into the hole too as the tongue eagerly laps around the hole. Then Simon’s dick is lubed up and Karel lays on his back and lifts his legs to allow easy entry as Simon slides his stiff cock into the waiting hole and starts to fuck the no-longer virgin hole!

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William Higgins: Max Burda and Radek Cerveny

William Higgins models Max Burda and Radek Cerveny are having some fun on the bed. Max is sucking on one of Radek’s nipples. Radek caresses Max and then they kiss. As he sucks on that nipple Max pushes the cover down to expose Radek’s rock hard uncut cock. He takes the big cock in his mouth and starts sucking on it. Then he wanks it and kisses Radek’s chest again before straddling him letting the big cock rub against his hole …

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