CockyBoys: Tayte Hanson and Levi Karter

Meet Tayte … “Tayte with a Y” … but before you scroll down to view this stunning new model’s first scene with Levi Karter at CockyBoys, please note the following about Tayte …
… His hair is long, it has a mind of its own and he does not want to cut it just yet, so love it, leave it, or get over it!
… He’s a professional dancer!
… He’s a personal trainer!
… He’s a writer!
… He is GAY GAY GAY, but he does not like being labelled or being a box needing to be checked.
… He’s full on, so get used to it!
… and last, but not least, Tayte only has “one ball”, having fought (and won) testicular cancer in the past.
Now, scroll on down and check out his amazing scene here with Levi Karter!

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