Drill My Hole: Aitor Fornik and Manuel Scalco: Manscaping

Manuel Scalco’s beard is getting a bit unruly, so he asks his boyfriend, Drill My Hole model Aitor Fornik, to give it a trim. As Aitor starts running the clippers over his man’s face, the horny top distracts him by pulling out his hard cock! That big dick needs attention more than Manuel’s facial hair, so Aitor gives it a long, luxurious blowjob. Manuel undresses the bottom and eats his hole, then fucks him doggy-style. They sit on the couch where Aitor can climb on Manuel’s cock, then head into the bedroom where Manuel bends Aitor over the bed till he pulls out and gives the bottom a facial. The guys cuddle up as Aitor jacks his cock and shoots a big load onto Manuel’s face.

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