Drill My Hole: Archie and Chris Damned and Dante Colle and Pierce Paris: Social Dickstancing

Drill My Hole models Dante Colle and Archie are about to eat Thanksgiving dinner, but Dante asks Archie to hide so he can first video call his boyfriend, Chris Damned. As Dante chats with his man, he can’t see that at the other end, Pierce Paris is on his knees sucking Chris’s dick. Archie impatiently rubs Dante’s dick, then gets his cock out and rubs it on Dante’s arm, while Chris bends Pierce over the kitchen island and fingers his hole. As Dante hears Pierce’s moans and Chris hears the sound of Archie sucking Dante’s cock, both guys mute the connection to fuck their respective bottoms! Chris pounds Pierce doggy-style, while Archie rides Dante’s dick till he cums, then Dante fucks him doggy-style. Meanwhile, Chris lays Pierce on the dining room table till they both orgasm. Dante blows a load on Archie’s sexy arse, then the bottom cums again all over Dante’s face, just in time for Chris to notice!

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