Gay Hoopla: Sean Costin and Derek Jones

Sean Costin gets his turn to beat up Derek Jones’s arsehole this week over at Gay Hoopla … but not until he has taste test first. The two had just left the gym and headed back home for some extra sets and Sean Costin quickly made it clear it was his turn to take control of the fucking. He stripped Derek Jones down and targeted his tongue straight for Derek’s tight hole. After literally eating a buffets worth of arse, Sean laid Derek on his back to slip it on in. Derek’s hole was still wet from all of Sean’s saliva, but it was still fucking tight! You can see in the video that it honestly hurt Derek at the beginning; you could tell by the way he pulls his butt away. But after some time, he came to actually enjoy it! These guys are totally into each other and will likely be fuck buddies for life!

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