Himeros.TV: Kayden Gray and Oliver Hunt: Sex When Sad

There are many reasons why we have sex. We typically have sex because we are in a romantic mood, wanting intimacy and connection, or just plainly horny and want to get off. But that is not the only reason why we have sex. Sex is a way of expressing yourself. It is a way of transforming emotions and feelings that can sometimes feel stuck in body and sex can be the vehicle to release that. It’s also exciting to explore sex for the unconventional reasons to help broaden your repertoire of when you traditionally have sex. If you are more liberated in your sexuality, then you have more colours in the pallet. Sometimes, we have sex because we are sad or grieving. We may have sex to express grief in a physical form. Or, it may be as a way to feel safe, held and comforted. Watch what happens in this scene from Himeros.TV when grief is met with beautiful lovemaking.

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