Sean Cody: Jeramiah and Sumner

Today is a huge day for two reasons: it’s Jeramiah’s first time bottoming … and he’s taking Sumner’s nine-inch cock! Jeramiah talks about how he practiced by working up from a smaller to a bigger dildo, and it turns out his practice cock was moulded from another Sean Cody star. “Brysen fucked me!” he jokes. “Now I’m gonna fuck you,” Sumner replies. “I think I’m a little bigger.” Jeramiah is ready to get started, so he eases down on the top’s cock, riding him. Sumner tongues Jeramiah’s hole, then fucks him doggy-style, showing this first-time bottom just how good taking a dick can be. Jeramiah blows a huge load all over his abs as he gets fucked in missionary, and then Sumner adds even more!

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Sean Cody: Curtis Reid and Grayson

Tall, dark-haired Curtis and blond Grayson know just what they want as they enter the Sean Cody studio and start kissing. Grayson sucks the top, then says, “Fuck yeah, give me that dick. “You want it?” Curtis teases as Grayson grinds on him, then slides his cock in the bottom’s hole. Curtis pounds the hot blond from behind and then turns him on his back until Greyson cums, then Curtis gives him a hot load in his mouth.

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