TX College Boys: Austin Fucks Cedric

This was Cedric’s first time on camera and he didn’t want to be late. He didn’t have a car and had missed the bus so he showed up in a cab! That made a good first impression! Then when the camera started rolling the TX College Boys cameraman was impressed even more. Cedric said he’s basically straight as far as relationships go, but in bed all bets are off. Both guys got down to their undies and Cedric started to demonstrate his oral skills. “Pretty good cock sucker for a straight boy,” Austin remarked before returning the favour. Cedric was getting turned on and asked Austin if he wanted to put his dick in his ass. Austin was all for it but started with a little finger fucking first. Austin had Cedric lay back and expose his boy pussy to the camera for all to see. Austin then started rimming Cedric’s hole while the boy moaned like a fucking whore. Finally, Austin pounded Cedric in several different positions and you could clearly see his fat cock slipping in and out of Cedric’s willing hole … for a straight boy he sure seemed to enjoy getting fucked.

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