Videoboys: Jimmy Little and Ben Rose

Jimmy Little and Ben Rose are just friends under normal circumstances. But when the combination of a day with nothing to do, a few hours alone together and some hot porn pre-loaded in the DVD player all conspire to throw Ben and Jimmy into some of the most anally focussed sex Videoboys have ever seen. Both these guys are great tops but it’s their experience as bottoms that make them really aware of what a source of pleasure the arsehole can be. Knowing this about each other, they feel free to explore arse pleasure to its fullest. They do so much rimming and fingering to each other that by the time Ben is ready to get fucked, Jimmy is so excited, and his dick is so hard, that he stretches Ben’s hole wide open. And every time he pulls out he leaves Ben’s hole agape and wanting more. If you like hole play, this is the scene for you.

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