William Higgins: Petr Zuska and Tomas Decastro: Cherry Busting

Tomas Decastro came in to the William Higgins studios recently to get his cherry busted by Petr Zuska in this wonderfully dreamy set. Petr joins Tomas on the bed, and talks him about his previous sexual experiences. Tomas agrees to be massaged, taking off his tee shirt and laying down. Petr kneels next to him and helps him off with his jeans, which reveals a rock hard uncut cock. Petr’s hands begin to glide over Tomas’ beautiful body. Tomas is nervous, he says, but he lays there enjoying the hands. Petr leans over and kisses Tomas’ nipples as he rubs the chest. Then he takes hold of the hard cock and begins to suck on it. Soon he moves down towards Tomas’s virgin arsehole and wets it with some saliva before inserting a finger to start to loosen it up. Tomas’s legs open wider and wider, allowing Petr to really get in deep … with two fingers! Soon the guys move into a better position for Petr’s uncut penis to be able to enter Tomas’ hole and finally bust his anal cherry!

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