Active Duty: Grayson Loses His Man Cherry To Tanner

Category : Active Duty

New Active Duty recruit Grayson did a solo a few months back. This time was, until now, his only experience doing porn … naturally he’s still a bottom virgin, but today all bets are off as Grayson sprints across the line as he goes from straight guy with zero gay sex experience … through cock sucking, both giving and receiving … to bottoming for the gorgeous Tanner!

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Active Duty: Ryan Jordan and Tyson Stone

Category : Active Duty

Active Duty models, Ryan Jordan and Tyson Stone, kick back on the bed and begin blowing each other intensely until they smoothly convert into a 69 position where they continue to suck on one another’s hard throbbing cocks. They love having their mouths full at the same time as they get ready to fuck. Tyson Stone goes first, since Ryan Jordan is one amazing bottom and he loves fresh cock up his tight sexy arse. Tyson pushes his cock in slow until Ryan opens up and then he fucks him balls deep making him moan in pleasure. Tyson wants to cum, but it isn’t time yet, so Ryan takes the reigns. Ryan pushes his big hard dick into Tyson’s sweet tight hole making him take every inch of his soldier cock. Ryan fucks him all over the bedroom until he can’t take it no longer. They both kick back next to each other and stroke their cocks until they both blast their loads all over the place.

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Active Duty: Liam Daniels and Scott Finn

Category : Active Duty

Scott Finn couldn’t wait to suck Liam’s cock, so once they sat on the bed in front of the Active Duty cameras he was quick and he wrapped that eager mouth around his buddy’s cock and began deep-throating it. Liam Daniels couldn’t believe how great Scott was at sucking his hard throbbing cock. Liam was so horny he skipped blowing Scott and instead he put him on his back and spread his legs wide and pushed his big raw dick deep inside of him making him squirm and moan. Liam wasn’t taking any prisoners as he pounded Scott tight little arsehole.

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Active Duty: Boyd Tops Bric

Category : Active Duty

Active Duty brings back their sexy new recruit Boyd to take the next step with the equally sexy and gorgeous Bric. In Boyd’s second scene a few weeks ago, he was convinced to suck Taylor. This time, he goes all the way and tops Bric like a champ. This scene has some great kissing, stroking, sucking and ass pounding. Based on the looks on Bric’s face, Boyd is good at what he’s doing.

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