God’s Of Men: Alex Mecum and Vadim Black: Men At Sea

Category : Gods Of Men

A group of masculine God’s Of Men models have set sail together on a boat going out to sea and it’s time for them to partner up and get cosy with each other aboard their luxury cruise ship. Alex Mecum and Vadim Black get steamy with some scorching hot fucking amidst truly breathtaking views. Vadim drills Alex’s tight, hairy hole until they both shoot their hot loads all over his belly!

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Gods Of Men: Landon Mycles and Luke Adams: Men At Sea: Part 2

Category : Gods Of Men

Landon Mycles and Luke Adams had a fun night together on the Gods of Men cruise ship, but now we get to see that they had an even better time the next morning!

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GodsOfMen: Christopher Daniels and Dato Foland: Hard Relation

Category : Gods Of Men

“Hard Relation” is an amazing new Gods Of Men scene featuring Dato Foland and Christopher Daniels. The story is focused around heartbreak leading to makeup sex. Passionate, intense makeup sex between two hot, fully versatile men … don’t you just love a flip fuck between two masculine guys?

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Gods Of Men: Aspen and Phenix Saint: Euphoria

Category : Gods Of Men

Gods Of Men hunks Aspen and Phenix Saint pleasure each other into an intense state of excitement and euphoria as they taste each other’s cocks and then get each other hard and wet and ready to fuck.

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