Hard Brit Lads: Shane Stone and Guy Rogers

Category : Hard Brit Lads

Fit and handsome dark-haired hotties, Shane Stone and Guy Rogers, have a seriously horny session here with Hard Brit Lads. The guys start off with kissing, and mutual nipple sucking and bulge groping … move on to some cock sucking, arsehole fingering and rimming … and end up with Shane royally fucking Guy’s hairy hole!

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Hard Brit Lads: Luke Desmond and AJ Alexander: Flip Fuck

Category : Hard Brit Lads

Super-hung and sexy … ripped lads Luke Desmond and AJ Alexander are with Hard Brit Lads this week in a massive sex-a-thon, where the guys not only suck each other’s monster uncut cocks, and rim each other’s tight arseholes, but they have a raunchy flip-flop fuck too!

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Hard Brit Lads: AJ Anderson and Tom Long and Luke Vogel

Category : Hard Brit Lads

Prepare yourselves for some seriously hot, big dick action, as Hard Brit Lads bring three of their sexiest and hung models together for an incredibly hot threesome! There’s English lad Luke Vogel … young and smooth with a huge uncut 8.5 inches. Then there’s the handsome rugged Irish lad Tom Long, with his massive 9 inch monster uncut dick. And last, but not least, there’s the ripped and chiselled Scottish hottie AJ Alexander with his beer-can thick uncut whopper. The guys kiss, fondle cocks, suck dicks, finger arseholes and then fuck … and no-one misses out, with a three-way train, before spunk is squirted all over the place!

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Hard Brit Lads: Danny Chase and Alex Silvers

Category : Hard Brit Lads

Starting off on the Hard Brit Lads sofa with some kissing and mutual groping, Danny Chase and Alex Silvers soon get hard in their sports shorts. After some nipple sucking, they take down each other’s shorts and get a feel of each other’s big throbbing bulges. Danny takes out Alex’s thick uncut 8-incher and gets down to some good sucking. Then Danny lays back and Alex takes hold of his huge meaty dick, licks the pre-cum from the head, and then gets his mouth stretched as he slurps on the veiny girth. Alex gets on all fours on the sofa, smooth arse in the air, Danny gives his hungry hole a good licking, getting it hot and juicy, pushing his tongue in, making Alex’s dick throb, and he’s now totally ready to receive Danny’s schlong!

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