Menatplay: Tony Rivera and Tony Gys: Formal Introduction

The Producers are constantly getting requests for more fresh meat on Menatplay, so this week they are very happy to introduce not one, but TWO brand new faces this week. And coincidentally they are both named Tony! In one corner is the dark, and stunningly handsome Tony Rivera, making a splash in the online world of Man-on-Man sex. So sexy in a suit and equally horny stripped bare with his muscular tanned body. And not to mention an arse you could eat for hours! And since it was his first shoot ever they thought it would be a perfect opportunity to pair him up with another newcomer – the muscular and hung Spanish stud Tony Gys. What emerged was an intimate, sizzling and very real first encounter between the two guy, who get intimate for the first time together on camera!

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Menatplay: Damon Heart and Franky Fox: Lights, Camera, Action!

After a lot of effort to get the position of the lead anchor at the radio station, Menatplay model Franky Fox ends his first week in the principal’s chair. Damon Heart, Head of Media for the station, has been observing Franky’s excellent performance. After everyone is sent home for the weekend, Franky asks Damon how he could improve. Damon tells Franky that he knows that he previously fucked his former assistant to help him get ahead; and that shows he’s the right guy for the team! Why stop at fucking your assistant? Franky lets his boss Damon fuck him on his news table … except he doesn’t know that the cameras are still recording!

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Menatplay: Klein Kerr and Johan Kane: Dapper

Surprised by how masculine and horny being dressed in suit and tie make him feel, new Menatplay model Johan Kane suddenly feels a desperate urge to get his dick blown … and Klein Kerr is more than happy to help his dapper customer out. Johan stands dominantly, watching Klein get to work on his delicious, uncut meat – savouring the taste of Johan’s pre-cum on his tongue. Johan then pulls Klein up and on his knees, turns him around and goes straight for it … ripping the arse out of his pants and slamming his hard cock deep inside Klein’s hole. Johan pounds away hard and fast without even stopping to catch his breath, working himself up to an intense orgasm!

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Menatplay: Jake Genesis and David Dirdam: Body To Body

As Jake changes into his office clothes in front of the mirror, he can’t help but notice the hot piece of arse drying off behind him. And even though he tries to be discreet his eyes are drawn to the huge, uncut meat hanging in between David’s legs, and clearly David knows this as he proudly struts around naked, padding himself dry with the towel and giving Jake something to really feast his eyes on. And while his shyness prevents him from making a move, Jake eventually finds it impossible to resist and reaches out to feel David’s mouth-watering bulge, stroking it and feeling it as it quickly hardens in his hand.  Luckily for us, Menatplay film all of their sensuous encounter and you’ll just love the result!

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