Menatplay: Paul Wagner and Rogan Richards: Tux Dup, Editor’s Cut

Menatplay has released over 750 movies/videos in the past 15-Years! And, among their many award-winning Titles, “Tux Dup”, originally released in 2013, ranks among their favourites. Their online editor recently dug up the raw footage and has compiled a new, remastered Editor’s Cut, as a special bonus to their loyal supporters and tuxedo aficionados!

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Menatplay: Adam Wirthmore and Leo Domenico

Menatplay model Adam Wirthmore calls in employee Leo Domenico for a meeting to discuss his failing sales targets, but things take an unexpected turn in Leo’s favour when he recognizes Adam’s distinctive ring and immediately, he gets a flashback of that very same ring worn by a stranger in a local sex club. Was it really his boss servicing his dick through the glory hole the previous weekend? Leo remembers it was an awesome blow job, so he digs deeper to find out the truth and once he has the proof he needs he blackmails his boss into letting him fuck him right there in his own office … or he’ll tell the whole office about Mr. Wirthmore’s after-hours activities.

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