Lucas Kazan: Jean Franko and Giuseppe Pardi: Taken

Category : Lucas Kazan

The amazingly masculine and muscular Latin stud, Jean Franko, is seen here devouring the lithe and handsome Giuseppe’s ass … it truly is a wonder to behold. And when he ferociously, almost mercilessly, pounds him … it’s simply awesome … You gotta see this Lucas Kazan video to believe it!

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Lucas Kazan: My Sister’s Husband: Daniele Montana and Philippe Delvaux

Category : Lucas Kazan

Philippe fucking Daniele’s mouth is a site to behold: You wouldn’t expect this twink to be so aggressive in bed nor body builder Daniele to be so hungry for a big cock, would you? When Philippe finally rides Daniele, he does so with such furore the Lucas Kazan team couldn’t hold the bed still … yikes!

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Lucas Kazan: Stefano Furia and Luca

Category : Lucas Kazan

Stefano is a furry-chested, curly-haired top from Sicily. In contrast, Luca is a hairless, voracious bottom from Northern Italy. Neither has done porn before, but you can’t tell from their sizzling-hot acrobatics in this shoot from Lucas Kazan … Bravo!

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Lucas Kazan: Gennaro Grimaldi and Erik Lenn

Category : Lucas Kazan

Tall, slender Gennaro drills muscular Erik: both are tall (over 6 feet), both are hung (over 8 inches), these two couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other. Gennaro identifies himself as straight but has zero hang-ups … he’d fuck anyone and anything. Erik is gay and 100% versatile, but Lucas Kazan suspects he’s more into bottoming. Just watch him devour Gennaro’s cock with both holes …. mouth and arse!

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