Lucas Kazan: Jean Franko and Otto Voko and Julian Vincenzo

Category : Lucas Kazan

Happy birthday, Jean Franko. Arguably the most successful porn-star from Venezuela and … for ten years now … the epitome of Latin machoism. The team from Lucas Kazan toast to his birthday, going back in time and releasing this never before seen video: a scorching-hot threesome with Czech twink Otto Voko and Hungarian superstar Julian Vincenzo. If anyone is in doubt … check it out … Jean Franko has never looked any sexier!

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Lucas Kazan: Dario Beck and Bruno Boni: In His Dreams

Category : Lucas Kazan

What ignites Bruno’s dreams? Dario’s huge cock? His mouth? His furry arse …? Florentine stud Bruno Boni is back home at Lucas Kazan, after a 6 year hiatus: beefier, hairier, manlier than ever. Paired with impossibly handsome superstar Dario Beck, Bruno is sure to ignite your dreams too!

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Lucas Kazan: Jean Franko and Jordan Fox: Drunk

Category : Lucas Kazan

Jean Franko neglects his chores at the farm and hides with a bottle of wine. When his boss, the hung and uncut Jordan Fox, catches him drunk, Jean is forced to put out. Hairy, manly Jean Franko in a rare, yet certainly very strong, performance as a power bottom only here at Lucas Kazan!

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Lucas Kazan: Jean Franko and Giuseppe Pardi: Taken

Category : Lucas Kazan

The amazingly masculine and muscular Latin stud, Jean Franko, is seen here devouring the lithe and handsome Giuseppe’s ass … it truly is a wonder to behold. And when he ferociously, almost mercilessly, pounds him … it’s simply awesome … You gotta see this Lucas Kazan video to believe it!

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