BelAmiOnline: Paul Mekas and Vadim Farrell

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Today is a day for those of you who like your guys masculine, buff and hung. Vadim Farrel is not often a bottom, but for this BelAmiOnline encounter with Paul Mekas he was convinced to bend over and really enjoy Paul the best way possible: deep inside! Watch as Paul fucks the sweet muscle ass of Vadim with his giant uncut cock!

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BelAmiOnline: Harris Hilton and Andre Boleyn

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Harris Hilton typically bottoms, but really likes it all. So today BelAmiOnline gave him his chance to top the very versatile Andre Boleyn. The boys go to work on each other’s hard cocks and sweet arses, but Andre really just wanted to get fucked on this day. Watch as Andre shoots a giant load with the big cock of Harris still deep inside his arsehole … and then afterwards he kneels in front of Harris to swallow his big load too!

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BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans and The Kinky Angels

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Few models embody the real essence of modern day BelAmiOnline like the stunningly beautiful Kris Evans and The Kinky Angels do, so bringing them together was an obvious match … truly made in heaven. The guys decide that they have some unfinished business with Kris and invite him to the Budapest office to enact a little plan they cooked up … and a BJ orgy ensues. Then Kris decides that he wants a bit more from the Kinky Angels and lines all their butts up in a row for some extended rimming, before he proceeds to fuck them all, each in a different position!

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BelAmiOnline: Colin Hewitt and Phillipe Gaudin

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Here is a new “Back In Africa” update from BelAmiOnline which features the hot pairing between Colin Hewitt and Pillipe Gaudin. Phillipe is working on some food in the kitchen but hopes he will soon be working on the big, fat uncut cock of Colin Hewitt. Colin gladly treats his buddy to a hot afternoon fuck and shoots a giant load for Phillipe to gobble down.

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