BelAmiOnline: Vadim Farrell and Harris Hilton

Vadim Farrell and Harris Hilton have a connection with one another that is something special. Alone on a secluded beach, they enjoy the moment enmeshed with one another passionately kissing. Harris is ready for more and leads his muscled buddy back to their place. Once indoors, their clothes come off fast and Vadim immediately goes for the sweet ass of Harris. After some quick oral, Vadim gives his buddy a hot fuck with his big uncut cock! Don’t miss a moment of the action exclusively at BelAmiOnline.

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BelAmiOnline: Johnny Bloom and Phillipe Gaudin

Johnny Bloom is progressing nicely over at BelAmiOnline. His Pin-Up debut had everyone going wild. Then he was paired him with cock loving stud Dario to gently ease him into gay oral sex. Today they bring him together with one of their best sex trainers in Phillipe Gaudin. Phillipe and Johnny gelled quite quickly, which put the young Johnny at ease, in preparation for taking his first cock … anally! Watch as Johnny becomes a virgin no more …

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BelAmiOnline: Jeroen Mondrian and Olaf Mortensen

They say that patience is a virtue, but it is obviously an adage that BelAmiOnline model Olaf Mortensen does not subscribe to. Impatient for Jeroen to get off the phone, Olaf starts to give him a blow job, quickly prompting Jeroen to find an excuse to end the call and devote some serious attention to his buddy. Olaf is soon begging to get fucked. The fucking is intense, when Jeroen can’t keep up the pace any longer Olaf takes matters into his own hands and rides his buddy as if he were a bucking bronco until he finally blows his load all over his stomach. Jeroen however, is not done with fucking him yet, and continues to pound Olaf until he also shoots a massive load onto his quivering hole and then proceeds to slowly push it back inside.

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