Guys In Sweatpants: Jacob Acosta and Axel: Breeding Axel

New Guys In Sweatpants model Axel is still new to this so he’s still a little nervous … but he’s even more adorable when he’s nervous. His last video was with Nick, who’s quite well-hung, but Jacob might just have him beat in the girth. But everyone loves a big dick so he was in heaven through each thrust. Jacob is always a rock-hard monster in bed, but a gentle giant at the same time. Jacob is an arse man … and Axel has a very nice one to eat and breed. Axel said it was one of the biggest dicks he’s ever had, but he was all smiles and covered in loads at the end!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Ian and Troy: Welcome To Class

Guys In Sweatpants model Ian had his eye on the new guy in class since the day he showed up. It was fitting that the class they shared was anatomy since all he wanted was that delicious arse. He worked his magic, and that arse is exactly what he got. Troy came over for a little extra credit, and had Ian’s cock in his holes within minutes of walking through the door. Ian basically used him until he nutted and Troy wasn’t complaining one bit!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Colton and Andrew: The Winner Gets His Dick Sucked

Who reckons “The winner gets his dick sucked” is a motto we should all live by? Well, the Guys In Sweatpants crew sure do! It’s always a good day when a friendly game of Mario Kart ends with someone getting fucked. Colton has a nice fat cock, which Andrew had no problem sucking and getting ploughed by after he “lost” the game! Colton didn’t hold back with the fucking, choking, and man-handling … and topped it off with pulling out and blowing his load all over Andrew’s face.

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