UK Naked Men: Woody Fox and Dan Broughton

Category : UK Naked Men

This is a Super HOT coupling from UK Naked Men … Australia’s favourite hunk, Woody Fox, is bottoming for the first time with the absolutely stunning, big-dicked boy-next-door Dan Broughton! This is actually Woody’s fantasy scenario … “a massage gone bad”, where Woody offers up his toned sexy body, and very tight hole, to Dan’s talented fingers, tongue and big, fat uncut cock … and it all ends in a hot, sticky mess!

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UK Naked Men: Darius Ferdynand and Daniel James

Category : UK Naked Men

Banged up, bored and horny, UK Naked Men hunks Darius Ferdynand and Daniel James only have the bars separating them … but with a long, thick, uncut dick like Daniel James’s – that’s not distance enough! The masculine and beautiful Darius sucks that massive member but we all know what he really wants is to be swinging off the bars pushing back on that dick as his hole stretches and ripples around it, feeling it entering his hot body, past the first sphincter and well into the second …

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UK Naked Men: Mickey Taylor and Nathan Gear

Category : UK Naked Men

Nathan Gear reports to Dr Mickey Taylor with an elaborate cock and ball harness-butt plug, but the plug is wedged in tight! The UK Naked Men model and somewhat unprofessional doctor can’t resist the hotties arse and slips off the rubber gloves to feel Nathan’s sloppy, well-lubed hole, and very soon he’s slipping the butt plug out and his own tongue, fingers and uncut cock, deep into the moaning, begging pseudo-patient!

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UK Naked Men: Shay Cruz and Theo Reid

Category : UK Naked Men

Shay (the spray) Cruz makes his debut at UK Naked Men this week and it’s a real corker! His partner in crime is Theo Reid, who is a confirmed top, but for a little extra cash didn’t mind taking Shay’s club cock up his hole. The cameras got in good and close to see the resistance Theo’s tight arse hole put up too! You can see the stiff tool, pushing hard, then harder, then bending, then finally sliding right in up to the hilt. Theo took it bravely – but even he was surprised by the amount of spunk that squirted out of it, splat after splat over his face and into his gaping mouth!

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