BelAmiOnline: Jim Durden and Elio Chalamet and Justin Saradon

Exchanging sunny South Africa for chilly Prague, today BelAmiOnline are bringing us a triple treat of hotness when Elio, Justin, and Jim hook up together after their little ‘accidental’ meeting. It is Jim’s turn to bottom in this scene, Jim throwing his hat in the ring first and letting Justin pound his tight arse before Elio takes control and gives the same treatment to Justin.

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Next Door Studios: Carter Woods and Guido: Bro Code: Never Fail As Wingman

Next Door Studios models and bros Carter Woods and Guido follow the Bro Code religiously. One of their rules? “If a bro is tasked with being a wingman, he’ll do everything to help his bro get laid.” The problem? Guido is a terrible wingman, and Carter Woods is super horny! So, when Guido fails to get Carter a girl, he’ll have to come up with another way to make it up to him.

| Want to see more of Carter and Guido? Click here | Leo Louis and Troye Dean: Impaled: Pt 2 model Troye Dean gets an idea of how big Leo Louis’s cock is from touching it through the top’s pants, then grinding against it, but as the twink sucks it he can’t get over how huge it is! Troye strokes that massive dick with both hands, and there’s still room for Leo to add one more! The bottom slowly eases down on that enormous cock, but soon he’s riding it hard and then getting pounded in doggy-style. Troye cums as the top fucks him deep and hard in missionary, then Leo pulls out and blows his load.

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