UK Hot Jocks: Jake Cullen and Seth Knight: The OriFFICE Junior

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Tension builds in this all male office block. There is something in the sleek lines, dusty original brickwork and tight trousers that is pushing these men to the edge of distraction. At the centre focus of many very un-corporate-like sexy acts is the Office Junior, a cute new foreign intern who’s turning heads, pressing crotches to desks and stirring the loins of these hot-blooded men. The men simply can’t resist his alluring full lips and tight buns. Innocent he may look, but he’s the most insatiable of them all. UK Hot Jocks films this hot scene where Seth Knight is fucked by Jake Cullen!

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UK Hot Jocks: James Lain and Liam Lomax

Category : UK Hot Jocks

During a well-deserved tea break Liam asks how new guy James has been getting on in the new job at the timber workshop … but clearly he’s really just buttering him up for another initiation to the wood work business! Taking the cuppa out of his hands he suggests an extended break time and before James can question him his tongue is down his throat. Hands wander over overalls and find their way inside. Liam is strong, big and muscular and really takes control of the situation. The contrast of burly Liam and super lean James is breath taking, the work gear comes off and the guys suck dick and then fuck against the big press … the UK Hot Jocks film crew were able to catch all the action and we can sit back and watch as that thick uncut dick of Liam’s presses itself deep into James’s tight hole!

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UK Hot Jocks: Kayden Gray and Andro Maas

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Kayden is working hard, slicing up panels for a new piece of furniture when to anyone’s surprise in walks Andro. He hasn’t been at work for over a week and is frequently ill or excused from work. He knows he’s up for the figurative chop and has the audacity to ask Kayden if he can help him keep his job. He is willing, but want’s something in return … his sweet arse! Andro doesn’t put up any sort of fight and lets him have it! There’s an explosion of passion between these two, this has clearly been a long time coming and the UK Hot Jocks cameras catch every raunchy second! Andro sucks on Kayden’s thick and powerful 9.5 inches of uncut man-meat, getting an oral feel of what’s about to anally come! Then they really get down to business and right over the huge cutting machine they suck, rim and fuck like champions.

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UK Hot Jocks: Darius Ferdynand and Jonny Kingdom: Toys and A Flip Fuck

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It’s a sunny afternoon and a little bit of romance is in the air! UK Hot Jocks models Darius Ferdynand and Jonny Kingdom are outside at a local park … topless, enjoying the unusually nice English weather. The guys wander past a reservoir waterfall and the gentle watery noises inspire them into some slow sensual kissing … at least until Darius flops out Jonny’s meaty dick. Darius sucks and slurps … but before long it’s time to fine somewhere to fuck. The guys journey further into the outdoors, stumbling across tyres, tonnes of them. Darius takes position on his back, legs up. Jonny has perfect access to his willing and perfect hole. Spit, licked and loosened, Jonny takes out an unusual bumpy looking toy, which looks more like fun than anything else! Bump by bump he works it in and out getting him ready for his even bigger dick. Deep grunting, sweaty action he pounds deep into him. Only fair after such hole abuse, Darius gets his turn, bending Jonny over a stack of tyres and going to town on his arse … and thus turning this into a hot flip flop fuck!

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