Icon Male: Brandon Wilde and Theo Ford: His Mother’s Boyfriend

Category : Icon Male

In this instalment of the Icon Male “Schoolboy Fantasies” series, the cute and young Brandon Wilde explores his attraction to His Mother’s Boyfriend, the older and more experienced Theo Ford.

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Icon Male: Killian James and Roman Todd: Thirsty For Straight Boys

Category : Icon Male

Sweet-faced Icon Male model Killian James meets up with straight lad Roman Todd for a secret afternoon tryst … these guys want it bad. They want each other’s hard cock in their mouth … both guys just love dick sucking. But they love to fuck too … just watch as Roman pounds Killian’s hot, tight round arsehole, until he finally shoots his load all over the dick-crazed power bottom. There’s nothing better than straight men switching to a manhole for some hot fucking sex!

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Icon Male: Osiris Blade and Nick Capra

Category : Icon Male

In this hot inter-racial fantasy scene from Icon Male we get to see black muscle hunk Osiris Blade have a flashback which brings him back to the time he went down to the local pub and met the hunky bartender, Nick Capra. Osiris looked like he had the weight of the world on his muscular shoulders, and Nick knew just how to solve his tension. When Nick tries to get to the source of his frustrations, Osiris doesn’t do a great job at hiding it. Nick is convinced Osiris’ problem is that he’s dealing with being gay. He can’t fool his bartender. Nick leans in for a kiss and reaches under Osiris’ polos, rubbing his firm stomach before feeling his growing erection. Osiris nervously unbuttons Nick’s shirt, and Nick undoes his pants letting his big cut cock jump out of his black briefs. Osiris takes it into his mouth and Nick returns the favour, sucking on Osiris’ cock and balls. Nick helps Osiris up off the couch and grabs his firm butt before turning him around and cock-slapping his cheeks with his huge meat. Nick lays Osiris down on the couch and positions his cock to slide into him, penetrating him slowly, his dick hard as rock. Osiris relaxes as his bartender slips into him with a moan. Nick uses his leather belt as a gag, holding the big black stud down while he fucks his arse. Nick can’t hold himself back any longer and pulls out of his ebony patron, before jerking himself while Osiris plays with his balls and blows his thick load all over his hands. Nick is primed to return the favour, making out with him, his fingers grazing his nipples, and before long a fountain of cum erupts from his long black cock.

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Icon Male: Brendan Patrick and JD Phoenix: Forbidden Encounters 3

Category : Icon Male

Icon Male model JD Phoenix is pleasantly surprised when out of the blue, his old babysitter Brendan Patrick drops in to visit. It’s been years since they’d seen each other, but Brendan was in town for his cousin’s wedding. Although Brendan moved back to Europe when he was young, JD has always looked back fondly on the memories he’s kept of him. After hours of reminiscing, the conversation eventually turns to girls and relationships, and how neither of them have yet found love. Happy to have seen his old friend, JD giddily gives him a hug, and without much thought pecks Brendan on the mouth, much to the surprise of his old babysitter. After confirming that it’s OK, the guys stare at each other knowingly, gauging reactions, slowly going in for a kiss … then they quickly move upstairs to make out and explore each other’s bodies the way they always wished they could have all those years before!

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