Icon Male: Brendan Patrick and JD Phoenix: Forbidden Encounters 3

Icon Male model JD Phoenix is pleasantly surprised when out of the blue, his old babysitter Brendan Patrick drops in to visit. It’s been years since they’d seen each other, but Brendan was in town for his cousin’s wedding. Although Brendan moved back to Europe when he was young, JD has always looked back fondly on the memories he’s kept of him. After hours of reminiscing, the conversation eventually turns to girls and relationships, and how neither of them have yet found love. Happy to have seen his old friend, JD giddily gives him a hug, and without much thought pecks Brendan on the mouth, much to the surprise of his old babysitter. After confirming that it’s OK, the guys stare at each other knowingly, gauging reactions, slowly going in for a kiss … then they quickly move upstairs to make out and explore each other’s bodies the way they always wished they could have all those years before!

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