Gay Hoopla: Sean Costin and Michael Evans: Flip Fuck

Category : Gay Hoopla

A whole bunch of drama has been going on off set over at Gay Hoopla. Here’s the skinny … Sean Costin and Michael Evans have both fucked Leo Bosh. Michael actually witnessed the fucking between Sean and Leo and was bona fide jealous to see it happening. Michael is undoubtedly into Sean secretly, but doesn’t quite know how to tell him. So he thought the best approach to get Sean’s attention was to try to fuck Leo better then Sean did. Word started to get around the house that Michael seduced Leo and fucked him senselessly. Michael left with a huge smile on his face knowing eventually the moment would happen where he’d be confronted by Sean. And that exactly what’s happened today! Michael played his hand magnificently. Sean came into Michael’s room real forcefully, demanding Michael tell him what he was up to … and Michael didn’t back down one iota … in fact, he even taunts Sean about not being able to suck dick well … having NO rhythm in the sack and such like! Sean took the bait and started to play with Michael’s cock, getting it hard and then finally fucking around with him. These two got so hot and heavy, that an unexpected super-hotflip fuck ensued!

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CockyBoys: Angel Cruz and Ricky Roman: Flip Fuck

Category : CockyBoys

Angel Cruz and Ricky Roman really make one hot pairing here at CockyBoys … their chemistry is so strong, you’d think they’d been dating for years. The guys both have smooth dark skin and hair, just the right amount of tattoos, beautifully round arses. Plus they are both bilingual, and both are versatile too! They each gave and received a fair share of blowing and rimming, but really hit their stride when they 69-ed and then flip-fucked!

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CockyBoys: Matthew Parker and San Baptista: Flip Fuck

Category : CockyBoys

Meet Matthew Parker and San Baptista, two real-life fuck buddies from Montreal. They have often shown real-life couples at CockyBoys, but real-life fuck buddies are a different thing entirely … there’s more urgency, more aggression, more hunger to figure out exactly what turns the other on. And with Matthew and San … two completely different types of guys … white vs Latino … cut vs uncut … beard vs clean-shaved … their flip-fuck was truly a sight to behold!

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Next Door Casting: Markie More and Paul Canon: Raw Flip Fuck

Category : Next Door Casting

Markie More has a special candidate lined up for this week’s casting call at Next Door Casting. Paul Canon is a young, energetic long-haired stud from Colorado by way of Florida, and this former surfer turned snow-boarder is more than happy to escape the winter doldrums of the Midwest and bum around the west coast for a bit. Markie is more than happy to accommodate him, as Paul also brings a versatile willingness to do anything necessary to make it in the industry. The chemistry between the two is apparent from the get-go, and only gets better as the clothes come flying off … check out the hard cocks, hot oral sex and finally the raw flip flop fuck session … hot!

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