ChaosMen: Jamison and Stone

Category : ChaosMen

This is one for fans of hirsute guys! Both Jamison and Stone are now completely versatile, so ChaosMen knew they would have a good flip-flop film. The guys start-off with Stone doing some underwear humping … then Stone, always the gentleman, offers to suck on Jamison to get him in the mood. The guys then get down to the real action and take it in turns fucking each other … hot!

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Dominic Ford: Trey Turner and Valentin Petrov: Flip Flop

Category : Dominic Ford

Trey is a dirty-talking power bottom in this scene from Dominic Ford. But he can’t be kept on bottom for long. Pretty soon he wants to fuck Valentin’s amazing ass, and Valentin can’t wait for it. Then Valentin takes over again, plunging his huge Eastern European cock deep into Trey’s huge arse. The action doesn’t stop, and these two are truly amazing!

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Dominic Ford: Wolfie Blue and Max Cameron: Flip Fuck Facials

Category : Dominic Ford

Dominic Ford models Wolfie and Max make a great pairing. The film crew didn’t need to give them any direction … they just set them loose on one another and let things go with the flow. They were really into each other and were off like racehorses. They are both versatile so they both took turns fucking each other and then ended the scene with a couple of warm and juicy facials.

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Cocksure Men: Mitch Vaughn and Mark Dylan

Category : Cocksure Men

Marc Dylan gives his partner a call to let him know he’s stuck at the Cocksure Men office and running late. Who would be in a rush to get home if staying late at work includes getting to flip-flop one of the hottest stars in porn! Mitch Vaughn doesn’t even wait until Marc is through with his call to start sucking on Marc’s dick. Getting his own pole waxed gives Marc the craving to give Mitch’s member a lick. Sloppy, deep blow-jobs are followed by the guys eating each others’ tasty holes. Mitch’s ass, primed and ready, is the first to get fucked. Marc’s chiselled abs tense with each hard thrust. The guys flip and Marc’s sits his smooth asshole down on Mitch’s thick dick. Marc’s cock bobs up and down as he rides Mitch’s thrusts. Marc gets on his knees and begs for Mitch’s warm cum in his mouth and Mitch obliges, shooting his huge load onto Marc’s face and mouth. Mitch then gets down and begs for the same. Marc shoots his juicy load all over Mitch’s scruffy beard, licks it up and kisses Mitch, snow-balling his sweet cum.

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