Sean Cody: Stu and Jarek: Bareback

Stu and Jarek are both back with Sean Cody today for a hot bareback fuck session. Uncut and hairy, Jarek is in the bottom role today, and he seems to rejoice in it too … his cock is hard the entire time! Stu is fit and ready to go, and before long his rock-hard cock is deeply embedded in Jarek’s rear hole … and Stu is loving it!

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Videoboys: Jo Diamond and Zac Hunter: Power Fuck

Little Zac Hunter is a boy-crazy teen who knows what he wants when he sees it and he wears his horniness for all to see out on his sleeve. When he sees a guy he likes he’ll tell anyone within earshot “Oh my God, I want him to fuck me!” Videoboys reckon he’s such a cute little bundle of sexual energy he’d be the most welcome guest at a party of tops! Like Zac, Jo Diamond has a very healthy sex drive and he has a reputation around the gay village for his unbroken chain of conquests. If Jo sees a guy that he wants he finds a way to get that guy into his bed. And why not? He’s sexy as hell, very charming and has a great sense of humour. And for those guys who like tattoos, Jo is almost irresistible. So it was inevitable that these two would come together … check it out – some genuinely hot and romantic sex here!

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English Lads: Justin and Fraser Flip Flop

English Lads thought they would let Justin do something different today; have sex with a fellow gay lad since he nearly always gets to play with straight boys! Fraser and Justin are keen to get their hands on each other and are quickly sucking each other in a 69 on the bed. Lots of kissing and sucking later and Justin fucks Fraser with some great and more unusual positions before he takes up his usual position and sits down on Fraser’s cock. Fraser fucks him hard and the two lads get in a great position with Justin lying on top of Fraser who fucks him vigorously from below …

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Alpha Males: Ralph and Bjorn Svensson

It’s a tricky situation Jack, the Alpha Males cameraman, finds himself in, with a hot fucker ready to show Bjorn, the super hung Swede, some good times, but he’s turned shy! Donning a mask, he agrees to stay and allow Jack to keep filming, much to Jack’s delight! Ralph, the guy in the mask, is already rock hard, and at the sight of Bjorn’s totally huge dick, no-one can really say no! Diving right on to it, Ralph sucks it deep, as deep as he can go, but still only reaches halfway! The slim pale Bjorn enjoys feeling Ralph struggle on his giant dick, especially when he swaps his mouth for his hot tight arsehole! Licking his smooth hole to loosen it up well, and it will need it, Jack’s given the best close-up possible as Bjorn teases Ralph’s hole with his dick before slowly stretching it over his shaft. Taking it slow, Ralph finally gives in and takes Bjorn as best he can, right to the balls!

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