Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose and Zack Randall

Watching the game of naked football that’s being played on the lawn makes Ryan Rose’s cock twitch. Fortunately, Zack Randall is nearby, ready to help. Zack leads Ryan indoors – first for some drippy cock slurping in the Falcon Studios kitchen, then for more serious play activities in the bedroom. After each has his fill of sucking and rimming, Ryan sits on the bed and positions his tool for Zack to ride. Zack grinds his butt onto Ryan’s pole, grabbing his hard on and swinging it like a lasso. Zack’s hairy legs and hole are hot, and the friction of his wild ride generates even more heat. Zack cries out to be fucked hard and Ryan’s perfect cock goes into overtime, thrusting and slamming until Zack’s big dick spews gobs of spunk across his torso.

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UK Naked Men: Josh Milk and Guillaume Wayne

A peeping Tom, a randy exhibitionist builder and an empty building site bathed in the heat of the French summer, there’s only one way this scene from UK Naked Men was going to play. Stunning Josh Milk can’t keep his eyes off handsome horny painter, decorator (and new-cummer) Guillaume Wayne … check it out below!

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Drill My Hole: Aaron Bruiser and Nicoli Cole

Nicoli Cole’s dad is having some financial issues and after contacting the Drill My Hole camera team he decides to sell his sexy boys’ arse to make ends meet … and get it filmed at the same time to make even more cash! Aaron Bruiser is the first client and he uses that hole to get his big horny dick off!

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Broke Straight Boys: Paul Canon Plows The Red Headed Conner Chesney

Paul Canon is back at Broke Straight Boys and in this video he’s paired up with Conner Chesney, who is definitely not accustomed to bottoming, but a little foreplay should help put him in the mood. Paul whips out his cock and makes Conner suck it, pulling it in and out of his mouth a few times before Paul completely undresses and stands above Conner, face-fucking him with his now rock-hard dick. After Paul has successfully asserted his dominance, he pushes Conner onto the bed and goes down on him, sucking that dick like he can’t get enough. Once he’s satisfied Conner’s urge for oral, he lubes up and sticks his dick inside Conner’s tight butthole, taking it slow at first but after a few thrusts he can’t hold back and he fucks him real hard. He gets his cock good and deep in Conner’s arse, spreading his legs wide open so that he can pound him faster and deeper!

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