William Higgins: Peter Filo and Radan Flex: Raw Flip Fuck

In this wonderful scene from William Higgins we find Peter Filo relaxing in a hammock. As he lays there Radan Flex walks up and they begin to chat to him. Soon Radan is leaning over and kissing Peter, who instantly responds and starts to grope him. Radan lowers his shorts and Peter sucks on his uncut cock, which is soon hard. Peter is hard too and loses his shorts, with Radan going down on him in return. He sucks really well and then begins to finger Peter’s arsehole, thru the mesh of the hammock! He fingers the hole deep as he suck on Peter’s cock before standing to get sucked himself again. Peter then lies back in the hammock, so that Radan can fuck him … bareback!

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Menatplay: Allen King and Misha Dante: Boy Lust

Menatplay hottie Allen King has a weakness for handsome, successful men, and today he gets to seduce the handsome and studly Misha Dante! Allen has the ability to take Misha Dante’s rock-hard dick deep in his throat, while Misha fingers his hole, getting it ready for some rimming and fucking action!

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Hard Brit Lads: Ross Drake and James Lewis

A very passionate scene here from Hard Brit Lads, with handsome, ripped footballer Ross Drake fucking the cute young twinky lad James Lewis. The guys kiss and grope each other’s bulges on the sofa before taking off their tops. Both lads have great six packs. Pulling off their shorts, they take turns licking each other nipples whilst massaging their bulging dicks, which are straining against their white undies. James lays on his side to give Ross a good sucking – his dick is thick and rock solid, and James slowly goes deep, sucking right to the base, then Ross pumps his mouth a bit.. They switch, and Ross sucks James now, his cock is pretty big. Then James lays on his back and Ross pulls his butt cheeks wide apart and then gives his tight hole a good rimming, plenty of spit, then pushes his finger in to open him up, whilst sucking on the end of his stiff dick. Super hot. With both lads eager to fuck, Ross lays back and James lowers himself down Ross’s fat fuck pole, riding it slowly, then Ross grips his arse and thrusts into him …

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BelAmiOnline: Colin Hewitt and Jim Kerouac

Colin Hewitt is one of the most popular models at BelAmiOnline, but he’s been out of action for a while and hasn’t bottomed in quite a long time. While in Capetown, Colin got to choose the model he most wanted to do his “return to bottoming” scene with, and he picked none other than Jim Kerouac, their resident total top. Colin might want to rethink the decision as Jim isn’t known for going easy on people and Colin is no exception. Watch as Jim breaks Colin in all over again in this powerful, intense scene!

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