MenofMontreal: Gabriel Lenfant and Archer Quan

Gabriel Lenfant and Archer Quan were simply unstoppable. The sexual energy between them was overflowing from the get go in this amazing video from the new, reality-based website, MenofMontreal. True to form, Gabriel’s uncut cock was having a pounding good time. And, Archer had quite a mouthful, gagging abundantly as Gabe was deep throating him aggressively. After some masterful rimming work, Gabriel prepped Archer’s hole with a glass dildo, readying him for the notorious Gabriel Fuck. At times, Archer looked like the pounding was hitting too hard. But the smile on his face with each break in filming told a different story!

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Dominic Ford: Hans Berlin and James Key: Fire Island Staff House


In this episode of Fire Island Staff House from Dominic Ford, James Key shows Hans Berlin around the house. Hans decides to take a shower in the outdoor shower, and soon James joins him. Their two huge dicks are rock hard as they go at it both in the shower and later, back inside the house. James shows just what a flexible bottom he is, and the two get into some very hot positions!

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Drill My Hole: Colby Jansen and Dirk Caber: Flip Fuck

The highly perverted new series from Drill My Hole … “Son Swap” … begins with the hot coming together of these two daddies: Colby Jansen and Dirk Caber. The action is hot and Colby bottoms again in some of the hottest flip flop action of the year!

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Southern Strokes: Genesis and Seth Knight

Southern Strokes haven’t seen Genesis at the Ranch for a while, so everyone’s mouth was watering when he showed having put on some muscle since the last visit, even Seth noticed that the normally skinny ranch hand was looking sweeter than usual. The cameraman agreed to sit back and let these two do what ever they wanted today and sure enuff, Seth immediately took control of Genesis … and of the shoot. Seth pushed Genesis back into the chair and grabbed his hard dick and worked it with his mouth. Genesis wanted a taste of Seth’s sweet hole before he stuffed it, so he ate Seth’s arse until they both couldn’t hold off any longer. These boys needed to fuck!

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