Bentley Race: Axel Pierce

Axel Pierce is one of the newest, and certainly one of the cutest, models over at Bentley Race. He’s 22yo and is from Poland. He met up with Ben recently in Berlin to do a solo jerk off shoot, but ended up getting fucked! Ben found Axel to be a really sweet young guy who was totally down for doing anything and everything! The moment Ben saw Axel’s perfect little round bum he was instantly hard and ready to jump in. With the right positioning of the cameras he managed to pull Axel on top of his cock so he slid right down on onto it in one smooth stroke … hot video!

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English Lads: Jacob Leahy Fucks Dan Broughton

New lad Jacob is a little nervous at the beginning of this English Lads shoot, so Dan strips him down to nothing and suddenly things change! He is a horny little fucker … he just needed a kiss and a hand in the right place to set his sexy side loose! All of a sudden he is loving being the only naked one and judging by his very stiff erection he is ready for action! There is lots of sensual kissing and sucking and Jacob dives into Dan’s arse with his tongue like a boy deprived, his tongue looking like an electric eel! After making Dan whimper with his tongue action he is soon stuffing his cock into Dan’s hole, forgetting to ease it in, his cock just slams right into Dan who now can’t breathe properly!

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English Lads: Justin Harris and Tyler Hirst

Tyler Hirst is out in the sunshine at English Lads and as he gets all hot and horny, this young straight former marine finds he just can’t resist being seduced by Justin Harris. Justin kisses him deeply while groping his cock …before long tho he is getting a blow job and then gets bent over for some great rimming action as Justin spits into his ass! Now, well rimmed and moistened, Justin sticks his cock up Tyler’s rear, and guess who moans and groans and whimpers, never sure if its pain or pleasure he is experiencing! The guys switch and Justin adopts his favourite position; riding a straight hunks cock never afraid to show he just cant get enough!

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English Lads: Sam and JP

Sam and JP from English Lads are real-life boyfriends, and in this video you can’t help but see the true passion they share for each other … be it the tender kisses or the hard arse-pounding Sam gives JP.  Normally Sam is the bottom, but today he’s showing he can be a very aggressive top too … enjoy!

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