CockyBoys: David Corey and Jaxon Radoc: Flip Fuck

Jaxon and David are just way too adorable as they both geek out on each other’s accents and smoking hot lean ripped bodies. The chemistry between these two was growing by the second and once they found themselves in the same bed, and being filmed by the CockyBoys cameras, Jaxon’s hands were immediately all over David’s body. As they start to play around and explore their bodies David’s mouth inevitably ends up on Jaxon’s dick. Soon after Jaxon returns the favour before laying down on his stomach to take that big wet dick all the way up his bubble butt. After David pounds Jaxon for a while in different positions it’s now Jaxon’s turn to fuck. David hops right on top of him and rides him hard!

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MenofMontreal: Damien Hope and Emilio Calabria: Hiring A Personal Trainer

Emilio Calabria is gathering a growing clientele as a personal trainer and MenofMontreal model Damien Hope contacted him with the purpose of bulking himself up. Damien has a fine shape but he is keen on putting on mass. So massive Emilio came to his assistance. But his assistance quickly takes a turn as he wants to see more of Damien’s physique. Assisting his prospective client in peeling off his top, Emilio soon dives in for a closer look at the fine tats and chiselled body in front of him. Wasting no time, he then opens up Damien’s fly and gets down to the serious business of cock sucking the smaller stud. He’s also interested in getting his butt hole seriously plugged, so after some decent mutual sucking action, it was time for Damien to use his more massive partner’s butt hole for their mutual pleasure!

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Broke Straight Boys: Brandon Beal and Sebastian Wilde: Brandon Dominates Newbie Sebastian

Sebastian Wilde is a little nervous about what’s coming … yes, he’s about to fuck another guy’s butt … but Brandon Beal understands exactly what he’s going through, since he’s been in that spot before himself … so hopefully he’ll the break newbie in easy! They strip and the Broke Straight Boys cameras get to admire their toned, slim bodies as they kiss and play with each other’s cock, jerking them a bit before Sebastian goes down on Brandon. The poor straight lad doesn’t look too comfortable with a cock in his mouth, but he does his best to deliver some Grade A oral! When Brandon’s had his fill of Sebastian’s mouth around his prick, he pulls him up and sits him on the chair, giving him head and spitting on that big cock while Sebastian squirms in pleasure. Once these guys are hard and ready, Brandon gets on his hands and knees on his bed and gets ready to take Sebastian’s dick … but poor Sebastian just can’t do it. He tries to stick his dick in a couple times but it starts getting soft at the idea of fucking a dude in the arse! So they improvise, and Sebastian gets to bottom instead … and that’s definitely one thing he wasn’t prepared for!

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Videoboys: Liam Emerson and Samuel Stone: Flip Fuck

Before they arrived for this Videoboys shoot, Liam Emerson and Samuel Stone were complete strangers. They’d never met each other, never talked online, never even seen pictures of each other. So when they arrived, there was no small talk, the crew just started taking pictures. Throughout the entire procedure they remained quiet and aloof, like two strangers might do when standing in an elevator. Frankly, everyone behind the scenes was a bit worried that there might be no chemistry between these two … but then, the action started, there was such an explosion of hormones, grunting and sweating … no-one knew what had come over them! Without a word of encouragement or even a wink or a nod to each other, they each rushed in, locked lips and started feeling each other all over. They started pulling off each other’s clothes like it was an emergency and then sucking each other’s cocks with surprising intensity. Samuel quickly moved down to Liam’s ass and started eating him like a piggy at the trough. Liam was ready to be fucked … and it just got better and better, and ended in a super-hot flip flop fuck!

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