Mormon Boyz: Elder Gonzalez and Elder Hardt and Elder Harward: School Of The Prophets

Mormon Boyz Elders Gonzalez, Hardt and Harward have been invited to join the School of the Prophets. Little do they know that one of them will leave the School with a very sore, and very happy, arsehole … and the other two will leave with very sore, and very happy, cocks!

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CockyBoys: Frankie V and Raphael Marino

Meet the newest guy over at CockyBoys, Raphael Marino. Raphael’s got a lean, muscular body, and a mop of wavy dark hair that perfectly accentuates his jaw line. Though he doesn’t have any tattoos, Raphael’s got a tongue piercing and this wicked cock piercing (a double Prince Albert) that goes right through the head! Today he’s hooking up with the alternative dude, Frankie V., and sure enough, they instantly clicked. Although Frankie is pretty sexually versatile, he was eager to do a scene where he’s just the top … so breaking in Raphael was the perfect opportunity!

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Staxus: Gabriel Angel and Will Hornet

Hot young Frenchman, Gabriel Angel, is sporting a new blond look, and that seems to encourage new lad to Staxus, Will Hornet, all the more. In fact, Hornet’s down on his new pal’s uncut dick within what seems like just a few seconds of the two guys meeting – a move that Angel himself is then only too keen to emulate. But it’s clear from early on that it’s Angel’s pert little butt that’s gonna be the star of this performance; and, having had chance to say hi to each other by exchanging blow-jobs, Hornet’s taking full advantage of the Gallic lad’s ripe, eager button and rimming Angel for all he’s worth … at least until he decides to put something larger and fatter in there … bareback too!

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BelAmiOnline: Lukas Ridgeston and Kevin Warhol

BelAmiOnline superstar Lukas Ridgeston is back performing in front of the cameras for the first time since 2005, and guys, this hunk maybe almost 40, but he sure is super-hot. Watch today as he sucks and fucks and cums with the gorgeous twink, Kevin Warhol …

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