ChaosMen: Dwight and Kristopher

ChaosMen has been wanting to put these two together for a LONG time. Super Shy Dwight, with Super Sexual Kristopher. Kristopher can handle even the largest cock, but there is something about a cock like Dwight’s that hits his sweet spot. During this video, Kristopher stays hard during most of the fucking, and he truly works the cock around in his ass – just like it was a toy!

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Broke Straight Boys: Brody and Jaxon and Justin: Hot 3-Way

In the mood for a scorchingly hot threesome? Brody, Jaxon and Justin are here at Broke Straight Boys to deliver exactly that! Watch as these guys get their mouths and arses full of cocks and cum!

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Bad Puppy: Dave Cargo and Rosta Benecky and Robin Valej

When Dave Cargo arrives the Bad Puppy Medical Clinic for his Czech Up, Dr. Robin Valej and male Nurse Rosta Benecky not only check out Dave’s bum leg, but also his “third leg” too! From there, it’s an all-out suck and fuck fest with Dr. Robin warming up Nurse Rosta and patient Dave finally wearing him out!

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Broke Straight Boys: Dustin Powers and Kayden Winters

Dustin Powers and Kayden Winters may be the new guys on the Broke Straight Boys set, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to fuck butt! These guys don’t disappoint when they are together either … watch as Kayden gets a big fat cock up his tight straight lads arsehole!

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