Broke Straight Boys: Tyler White Fucks Romeo James: Bareback

Tyler and Romeo get undressed and show off their sexy bodies to the Broke Straight Boys cameras a bit before dropping the boxers and playing with their dicks for a while, taking their time and rubbing up against each other as they get harder and harder. Tyler pushes Romeo on the bed and gets that cock right in his mouth, licking and sucking until Romeo wants a turn at Tyler’s meat. He works Tyler’s prick, sliding his lips up and down his shaft and deep throating that big dick as Tyler moans for more. All this oral has made these two lads hornier than before and Romeo climbs on top of Tyler and sits on his bareback cock, getting his hairy arsehole pounded hard by Tyler!

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UK Naked Men: Paddy O’Brien Fucks Marco Sessions

For Paddy O’Brian’s first man-on-man fuck with UK Naked Men he chose the masculine and muscular Marco Sessions as his partner. Marco loved riding Paddy’s thick straight cockney cock and milked it for all he was worth. Paddy loved feeling his hot shaft deep inside Marco’s hole as its bloated missile head stretched and rippled Marco’s well fucked sphincter. Finally unable to hold back Paddy pushed Marco’s hand onto his cock and had him wank his straight cum out all over Marco’s magnificent abs … hot!

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William Higgins: Ondra Matej and Ivan Mraz

In another stunning scene from William Higgins, we get to meet up with Ondra Matej and Ivan Mraz who have been out hiking. The weather is looking threatening and the guys are looking for some shelter. Ivan finds Ondra sitting on a bench in the garden and joins him … they make out with some kissiing. Soon the guys are shirtless and Ivan sucks on Ondra’s nipples as he rubs Ondra’s groin. Ondra loses his shorts, revealing a rock hard cock. Ivan drops his pants and he is hard too! He quickly gets to grips with both cocks, sucking Ondra’s and wanking himself. Ondra loves to suck too and is soon taking a turn on Ivan’s big one. Ivan then bends over, and with Ondra’s tongue deep in his hot hole, he jerks his cock while Ondra fingers his eager hole, hard and fast. Then Ondra then rams his cock deep into Ivan’s arsehole, fucking him deep.

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Broke Straight Boys: Adam Stripz Tops Damien Kyle

After years of stripping, Adam’s a confident guy who’s become a little bi-curious, so the Broke Straight Boys team were glad they could help him explore his interests and live out his fantasy of fooling around with another dude, and who better than Damien? Some sexy kisses lead into cock-sucking, and the experienced Damien shows first-timer Adam the ropes of how to give head like a pro! In spite of the lack of experience, Adam seems pretty comfortable with a cock in his mouth and even tries deep-throating … but he needs a little more practice before that’s possible. As Damien moves things right along … he’s clearly horny as hell today … and offers his tight arse to Adam, who doesn’t hesitate to stick him with his big dick and fuck him hard!

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