Bentley Race: William Tudor and Ryan Anderson

It’s super hot in Australia right now and Bentley Race is making the most of these long summer days. In fact, he recently caught up with his mates William Tudor and Ryan Anderson. They came over recently to hang out on the roof and do some skating about on their boards as Ben took some photos. The day took a horny turn when Ryan started grabbing at William’s cock. William loves the attention and soon had his shorts down around his ankles. It wasn’t long before both the guys were naked and sporting raging hard-on’s. They kept teasing each other and eventually they cooled off with a full on water fight. Seems William copped most of the water judging by how soaking wet he was. Eventually they all headed inside and out of the heat because Ryan really wanted to ride William’s fat uncut cock.

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Broke Straight Boys: Tyler White Fucks Romeo James: Bareback

Tyler and Romeo get undressed and show off their sexy bodies to the Broke Straight Boys cameras a bit before dropping the boxers and playing with their dicks for a while, taking their time and rubbing up against each other as they get harder and harder. Tyler pushes Romeo on the bed and gets that cock right in his mouth, licking and sucking until Romeo wants a turn at Tyler’s meat. He works Tyler’s prick, sliding his lips up and down his shaft and deep throating that big dick as Tyler moans for more. All this oral has made these two lads hornier than before and Romeo climbs on top of Tyler and sits on his bareback cock, getting his hairy arsehole pounded hard by Tyler!

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Amateurs Do It: Brenton and Tyson: Pt 2

Amateurs Do It models Brenton and Tyson are back for the second part of their hardcore fuck session. Brenton preps Tyson by sucking his cock and getting him really hard and excited, and from Tyson’s groans, you can tell he really loved it. Now it’s time to flip Brenton over and get that hard cock deep inside his hot arsehole.

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Mormon Boyz: Elder Gonzalez and Elder Hardt and Elder Harward: School Of The Prophets

Mormon Boyz Elders Gonzalez, Hardt and Harward have been invited to join the School of the Prophets. Little do they know that one of them will leave the School with a very sore, and very happy, arsehole … and the other two will leave with very sore, and very happy, cocks!

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