Drill My Hole: Enzo Muller and Leo Louis: Beaux Are Hoes: Pt 3

After their little detours with their dates’ brother and dad, secret boyfriends Leo Louis and Drill My Hole model Enzo Muller are finally in the limo with the girls on the way to the prom. After the good music and the party atmosphere make them get a little carried away, the guys start kissing each other and even take their dicks out! The girls bail, and Enzo sucks Leo, then the top rims him before fucking him missionary on the backseat.

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Drill My Hole: Enzo Muller and Malik Delgaty: Beaux Are Hoes: Pt 1

Enzo Muller and his boyfriend, Drill My Hole model Leo Louis, don’t want anyone to know they’re dating, so they’re bringing a pair of sisters to the senior college prom. Enzo wants to sneakily play as they’re taking pictures with their dates, but Leo shuts him down … so Enzo goes upstairs and walks in on his date’s brother, Malik Delgaty, jacking off! Malik is happy to get his dick sucked, and then he fucks Enzo doggy-style. The bottom gives a gleeful grin and the finger when Leo walks in on them, then rides Malik and takes it deep in missionary before taking a creampie and a facial, then jacking off till he cums.

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Drill My Hole: Clark Reid and Malik Delgaty: Fucking Jacked

Clark Reid impresses the twink judges at the bodybuilding competition with his big muscles and boy-next-door smile … while Drill My Hole Malik Delgaty makes a different impression when his big dick falls out of his briefs! After eyeing each other in the locker room, Malik comes in just after Clark takes a big load on his chest and tells the bottom to suck him. The top fucks Clark doggystyle, then the jacked bottom rides him on the bench. Clark takes a deep pounding in missionary, then Malik puts him up against the wall and drills that muscle arse till Clark cums all over the mirror, then licks it off …

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Drill My Hole: Damian Night and Drake Von: Horny Frat Bros: Pt 1

The other frat brothers are out, so horny Drake Von wants to take the chance to fuck his roommate, Drill My Hole model Damian Night, again, but Damian wants to study. Drake humps Damian’s booty while the bottom hits the books, at least until Drake cums all over them! Drake’s still horny and Damian could use a break, so he sucks the top’s big cock, then gets his hole filled up. Damian rides the top and gets fucked spoon before Drake sucks the horny bottom and pounds him in doggy-style. Damian blows his load on Drake’s chest, then licks up the top’s cum.

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