Men of UK: Paul Walker and Mike de Marko: A Royal Fuck Fest: Part 2

Category : Men of UK

Men of UK model Paul Walker has returned to porn and in this sexy fantasy he plays a royal prince who is frustrated as his princess is neglecting him … sexually! But luckily for him, one of his royal servants knows just how to take a throbbing royal dick. When the princess shows up unexpectedly, the prince is caught red-handed (or is that red-cocked?) with his big erect dick deep in his servant’s mouth. He tries desperately to keep his composure as he get sucked with his princess only steps away. When she leaves, he throws caution to the wind and gives his new fuck-buddy’s hole a right royal servicing!

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Men of UK: Dan Broughton and McKensie Cross: Disconnected: Pt 2

Category : Men of UK

McKensie Cross has found himself caught up in the world of male webcam modelling. Dan Broughton is the dirty agent who needs to make sure the models are up to standard. This action is from the Men of UK site and is a flip flop fuck between Dan and McKensie and ends with a hot 69 session where both guys release their cum loads over each other’s faces!

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Men of UK: Paul Walker and Dan Broughton

Category : Men of UK

Paul Walker has a sensual flip flop with his lover Dan Broughton here with Men Of UK today. Paul takes Dan’s throbbing meat deep in his hole before turning the tables and plunging deep into the waiting arse of his handsome and delicious looking young man!

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Men of UK: Paddy O’Brian and Mark Coxx: Fooling Around

Category : Men of UK

Paddy O’Brian is fooling around, pretending to be a cameraman, on this video shoot for Men of UK with Mark Coxx. It doesn’t take long for the horsing around to turn into fooling around of another variety: cock sucking and arse fucking! Paddy gives it to Mark good and deep in the woods!

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