Southern Strokes: Robbie and Haigan

In case you haven’t noticed yet, Haigan has a thing for little gay boys and one look at Robbie and the Southern Strokes team knew that Haigan was gonna have to fuck him. Robbie wasn’t complaining either, after all, that’s what he was here for. Robbie even confessed that he loves his sex as ruff as possible. Haigan took him upstairs and put him on the bed and grabbed Robbie by the back of his head and shoved his uncut cock into his mouth. Robbie had no problem taking it all and even pulled out his own uncut piece of meat and started stroking it … Then Haigan wanted to see where his cock was going so he turned Robbie onto his stomach and opened up his ass cheeks and spit onto his puckered hole. Haigan then wrapped up his manhood and stuck it straight into Robbie’s waiting ass!

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Southern Strokes: Carson Carver Fucks Cameron Ford

Carson might prefer the company of a woman, but he certainly does enjoy a man between the sheets. Cameron is 21 years old but man does this boy know how to enjoy sex. Both of these Southern Strokes hotties have ripped abs and long lean torsos. They took turns deep throating each other’s cocks working each other up until Carson dives for a condom and they are off to the submarine races. Carson has a beautiful 7 inch cock and watching his gluts flex as he pumps his hard cock deep into Cameron’s hole was an amazing sight!

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Southern Strokes: Genesis and Seth Knight

Southern Strokes haven’t seen Genesis at the Ranch for a while, so everyone’s mouth was watering when he showed having put on some muscle since the last visit, even Seth noticed that the normally skinny ranch hand was looking sweeter than usual. The cameraman agreed to sit back and let these two do what ever they wanted today and sure enuff, Seth immediately took control of Genesis … and of the shoot. Seth pushed Genesis back into the chair and grabbed his hard dick and worked it with his mouth. Genesis wanted a taste of Seth’s sweet hole before he stuffed it, so he ate Seth’s arse until they both couldn’t hold off any longer. These boys needed to fuck!

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Southern Strokes: Carson and Matthew

Matthew and Carson were hanging out most of the weekend so Southern Strokes decided to pair the two of them up to break Matthew in for his first video appearance with another guy. Matthew was definitely nervous, but he found himself in the good hands or better yet the hot hole of Carson. Carson has turned out to be quite a hit and one of the Southern Strokes members most requested models. Carson just loves a nice big cock in his ass and he can take it as good as any bottom around.

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