Southern Strokes: Ryan and Jake

T’is the season for candy canes, so Southern Strokes pyjama clad lad Ryan, unzipped his onezie and pulled out his peppermint pole so that Jake could lick it up and down and work it in and out of his throat. One taste of Ryan’s Christmas stick and Jake was on his stomach with his arse in the air begging to be plowed … and Ryan obliged. He climbed up onto Jake just like he was mounting one of Santa’s reindeer and in return Jake was a good little elf and did exactly what Ryan told him to do. Jake opened up his legs and let Ryan fill him full of 9 inches of Christmas joy!

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Southern Strokes: Tucker and JR

Little guy Tucker paid Southern Strokes a little visit recently and they decided to put his hot little arse to work … literally! First in line to fuck that hole was little guy lover, the hot, handsome and well-hung JR. JR kicked back and let Tucker worship his pale smooth body. Tucker made his way down to JR’s pants and reached in and pulled out JR’s big fat cock. Tucker smiled as he grabbed JR’s dick and guided it into his wet mouth. Tucker slurped on JR’s meat but he desperately wanted to feel JR inside his hole. So Tucker finished undressing JR and then he climbed up onto JR’s big fat tool and let his hole wrap around JR’s rock-hard prize piece of man-meat. Hot fuck!

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Southern Strokes: Amelio and Tyler

When Southern Strokes called on Tyler to pop Amelio’s cherry, he gladly accepted the assignment! Everyone was surprised that Amelio had agreed to cum back and give up his arse … but just like many guys his age, this was Amelio’s chance to fulfil a fantasy … and make some cash! Tyler was hard as soon as he laid eyes on Amelio, so he was more than ready to let this country lad know what a cock feels like in your hole!

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Southern Strokes: Jayden and Cory

The Southern Strokes film crew found filming Jayden and Cory was more like being a voyeur in the bedroom of a couple of horny southern boys, than a porn film crew doing their job! Both of these guys have already been around the block more than a few times and they are barely touching their 20’s. Cory wasn’t opposed to what was about to go down, so when Jayden put Cory on all fours and slowly entered him with his wrapped cock, it took everyone by surprise when he initially struggled at first to take all of Jayden! He broke free and Jayden found he had to chase Cory all over the bed with his hard, fat cock until he finally pinned him on his stomach, pulled his legs together, entered him and fucked him hard and deep!

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