Freshmen: Oscar Kraus and Dallas White

Freshmen model Oscar Kraus makes his way over to Prague to meet his long-distance friend with benefits, Dallas White. When he texts him from the train station, Dallas is nicely surprised and starts to get ready to meet his friend. As soon as Dallas opens the door they start kissing and touching each other. When Dallas‘ towel drops, Oscar kneels down and sucks his cock. It is obvious that Dallas‘ dick is too big for Oscar’s mouth but Dallas seems to enjoy it and soon returns the favour. After some rimming, it is time to introduce Oscar’s dick to Dallas‘ hole. Oscar starts slowly, but his friend is soon begging for more.

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Freshmen: Kian O’Connor and Bob Coogler

When Freshmen model Bob Coogler discovers what Kian O’Connor is hiding in his pants, the surprise is a massive turn-on for him. After Kian sucks his dick, it’s Bob’s turn to demonstrate his skills with a huge cock. Bob’s oral talents are the perfect foreplay before Kian penetrates his partner‘s well-rimmed arse. Kian’s deep and varied energetic fucking brings them both to the brink of climax.

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Freshmen: Tom Houston and Nikk Lanier: Pt 2

Freshmen models Tom Houston and Nikk Lanier are both hugely sexually active and it is no secret they both love to cum multiple times a day. After the first round when Tom delivered his arse to Nikk last week, the sexual tension remains and the guys are soon ready for round two. Tom sucks Nikk’s cock, licks his balls and rims his arse. Before sliding his dick deep inside Nikk, Tom fucks his buddy’s mouth as well. Nikk enjoys every inch of Tom’s perfect dick and cums while being fucked from behind.

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Freshmen: Tom Houston and Nikk Lanier

It was difficult to know Freshmen model Tom Houston’s true intentions when he asked Nikk Lanier to give him a little massage. Tom’s butt is hard to resist so when Nikk takes off his partner’s pants, the simple massage turns into some very sexy foreplay. Tom usually likes to dominate, but Nikk’s soft touches and pleasurable blowjob change his mind and he passively delivers his arse to Nikk. As Nikk fucks Tom’s butt and the two guys approach orgasm, the mood becomes more and more erotic. Tom cums first while being fucked. Nikk pulls his cock out and cums all over Tom’s butt.

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