Bentley Race: Chris Wyld and Scott Tyler

Category : Bentley Race

This shoot between Chris Wyld and newcomer Scott Tyler for Bentley Race worked out perfectly! Despite the fact that the guys only met at the start of the shoot, they couldn’t keep their hands off each and they were even a little bummed that they had to sit through the photo session before the sex scene could start! Chris loves being bent over and getting his bum hole licked, but not as much as getting a cock sliding deep into his tight hole. Scott was happy to do both … check it out below!

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Bentley Race: Skippy Baxter and Perry Laroux

Category : Bentley Race

Hot on the tail of his first topping scene Skippy Baxter is keen to get in to more dominant scenes with some of the Bentley Race bottom mates. And today he’s getting it on with the hot French twink, Perry Laroux. Perry is a 20 year old student spending a year in Australia and he is just about the perfect hook up partner for this scene with Skippy. The photoshoot was fun, but not nearly as hot as the fucking session on the bed. In fact Ben thought Skippy was gonna break the bed as he rode Perry’s arse like crazy!

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Bentley Race: Cody James and Reece Anderson

Category : Bentley Race

18yo Reece Anderson was very keen to get in to some hot scenes with some of the Bentley Race mates. So Ben teamed him up with Cody James to show him the ropes. Reece comes to from the suburbs of Melbourne and he’s been fan of the site for a while now … and was waiting to turn 18 so he could apply to come in to do a shoot. He is incredibly fit and Cody couldn’t wait to have some fun with this newest mate.

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Bentley Race: James Nowak and Romain Deville

Category : Bentley Race

This week at Bentley Race they teamed up two of their newest mates … Romain Deville and James Nowak. These guys had not met before, but it turns out that Aussies just love French guys, so James and Romain hit it off right away. After a fun time stripping each other naked, everyone headed to the bedroom where the guys engaged in lots of kissing, rolling around naked on the bed, sucking each other’s fat uncut cock and ending in some hot fucking. In the end it was nice to see Romain end up with a face full of cum, while James’ broad chest ended up coated in Romain’s cream.

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