Bentley Race: Fucking Kiwi Hottie JD Ryan

Category : Bentley Race

Bentley Race was in New Zealand recently and caught up with the good-looking kiwi JD Ryan. He was very keen to gat naked with Ben and make a dirty video together, and this is the result! JD Ryan is a personal trainer in New Zealand and told Ben that it was his first time getting naked on camera, and he really enjoyed doing it.

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Bentley Race: Jake Randel and Robbie Price

Category : Bentley Race

Jake Randel and Robbie Price had seen each other on the Bentley Race site, but this was the first meeting between the guys, in person. Jake is an amazing and quite aggressive top, and Ben couldn’t wait to see him drilling Robbie’s perfect twink bum. The guys started out with a massage … the Jake suggested that Robbie lose the jocks so he could get easy access to his bum. It wasn’t long before Jake had pushed a butt plug into Robbie’s hungry hole and started preparing him for the fuck of his life!

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Bentley Race: Bad Boys at the Beach

Category : Bentley Race

Here comes the summer! Ben from Bentley Race can’t wait to get back to the beach with the boys this summer. He loves shooting at the beach and here is a photo session of one of his favourite days at the beach with Mitch and Zoran. It was Mitch who first got out his fat cock and it wasn’t long before Zoran was onto it! This has to be one of Ben’s favourite beaches in Australia too. He reckons he can get away with just about anything there!

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Bentley Race: Sam Sivahn and Matt Gray

Category : Bentley Race

Two sexy mates from Queensland are back at Bentley Race this week! Last summer Sam Sivahn bought his boyfriend Matt Gray down to Melbourne for their first shoot together. The guys had so much fun playing up in the studio that they came back recently for another shoot. These guys are adorable. Matt is super cheeky as he teases Sam with his big cock. But you will be surprised to see that Sam ends up fucking Matt in this video. And then they take turns at doing each other … bareback too!

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