Gay Castings: Kevin Blaise

Category : Gay Castings

Kevin Blaise was auditioning over at Gay Castings recently and he sure is a ripped hottie. Dark handsome features; sexy, defined body; big hard cut cock and a can-do attitude. It wasn’t long before the cameraman moved in for a close-up of Kevin’s cock, and he reached out to feel how fat and heavy it was … lucky guy! Kevin got real hard, real fast … and before long the audition turned into a full-on cock sucking and arse fucking sex scene!

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Gay Castings: Eddie

Category : Gay Castings

Eddie is a cute young straight guy with a fit, defined and smooth body and a nice cut cock and a very cheeky grin. He’s come to Gay Castings to audition for porn and gets slightly more that he expected! Thinking he would only have to do a quick strip, jerk and blow, he wasn’t at all prepared for what actually happened … he had to suck his first cock, then his pretty little virgin arsehole got plowed, and much to his amazement, he totally got off on the whole experience!

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Gay Castings: Kory Houston

Category : Gay Castings

Kory is over at Gay Castings for his porn audition. Little did he know that morning when he woke up that later that day he’d be naked with a puppy-dog-tail butt-blug up his arsehole and a cock in his mouth! But then of course, that’s what gay porn is all about … and then the arsehole fucking begins … he’s a natural too … you just gotta love this guy!

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Gay Castings: Gabriel Grant

Category : Gay Castings

Gabriel is a cute, curly haired hottie who really wants to get into the porn industry. Today he gets the chance to show his stuff in this audition at Gay Castings, and he not only gets to show off his fat cock, but he gets his arsehole inspected and fingered, his mouth fucked, and a cum facial too!

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