Sean Cody: Shaw and Tanner: Raw Flip Fuck

Category : Sean Cody

Shaw has been pleasantly surprising the Sean Cody film crew with his willingness to try out new things each time he comes back to their studio, and this time his interest was in trying out bottoming! He had the perfect guy in mind to do the deed … the handsome hunky Tanner! “I’ve been doing a couple of firsts, and I think with you I’m gonna try bottoming” said Shaw to Tanner … who was seriously shocked by the statement, “You’re gonna bottom for me?” asked Tanner, with the biggest smile on his face. Tanner has a way with making people feel comfortable around him, so it wasn’t a surprise that Shaw chose him for his first time taking it up the arse. Then, after having his way with Tanner, it was finally Shaw’s turn to take it … and boy did he take it good! “How did it feel, Shaw?” the cameraman asked … “I’ve never orgasmed like that in my life!” he replied … reckon he’ll be back for more soon!

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Sean Cody: Landon and Manny: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

The handsome Landon is back at the Sean Cody studios and he’s about to stick his huge black dick into Manny’s hungry pink hole! Manny could barely wait to jump onto Landon’s dick, and Landon was excited to try the new guy out too! Landon gave Manny exactly what he wanted: a good pounding by a big raw cock, and a warm load deep inside of his arse!

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Sean Cody: Daniel and Tanner: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

When Daniel and Tanner met for the first time at the Sean Cody studios, it was as if they have both been longing for this moment … quite literally a match made in heaven! “I’ve been waiting for this for a while!” Daniel looked eager as he touched his rapidly hardening cock. After some chit chat, they were ready to get started, and Tanner took Daniel’s hand to lead him back inside the house, but Daniel wanted him right there and then, and pulled him back and kissed him intensely. That was the instant that everyone knew that this was going to be a great fuck … and it surely was!

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Sean Cody: Jasper and Dean: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Jasper shot the Sean Cody producers a message a few weeks ago saying he wanted to come back to get fucked by Dean specifically. They were happy to oblige, and when the time came the film crew asked him … “What makes you like Dean?” and he replied “He’s hot as fuck! Who wouldn’t want to get fucked by him?”! Jasper definitely has come out of his shell since his first time … “I was a little more shy back then, but once I get more comfortable I’m able to open up and have a little more fun.” Once Dean and Jasper got together, it was easy to see how horned up Jasper was, especially once he got Dean’s cock in his mouth.

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