Freshmen: Bruce Harrelson and Zane Belville

Who would guess that Bruce Harrelson is such a romantic soul? After picking up his date, Zane Belville, and buying him some flowers on the way, the couple arrive home. The romantic mood continues as Bruce starts kissing Zane. Before long, the guys are undressing and there’s an electric charge in the air. Bruce and Zane dedicate some time to each other’s hard cocks but Bruce’s goal today is to please Zane’s arse. After rimming it, he initiates the hardcore fucking. The couple constantly switch positions until they climax in floods of cum, and the Freshmen film crew were there to capture all the sexy action!

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Freshmen: Virgil Avedon and Johnny Eilish

Freshmen model Johnny Eilish sits on the terrace enjoying a gorgeous Prague summer day. Virgil Avedon has other ideas however. Such a hot day demands a creamy ice cream with which to cool down. After enjoying a nice walk in the park, the lads go back to the apartment and Johnny suggests a new activity, grabbing his friend’s dick. The tall couple enjoy a 69 which leads to Johnny rimming Virgil’s arse. When Johnny feels his partner is ready for his big dick, he slowly penetrates his hole. Johnny is a super caring lover and Virgil enjoys every inch of his dick, always letting him take the lead. After switching positions a few times, Virgil finally reaches orgasm and is soon followed by Johnny who covers his butt in cum.

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Falcon Studios: Oliver Marks and Carter Collins and Matheuz Henk: Endless Summer

When college roommates Carter Collins and Oliver Marks opened their door to loan neighbour and Falcon Studios model Matheuz Henk some board wax, they didn’t expect that they’d be getting into an early morning threesome with the pillow-lipped surfer stud. Things start off with the two students taking turns swallowing down Matheuz’s big dick before Oliver gets orally double-teamed as Matheuz eats out his tan-lined cheeks while Carter sucks him off. Now positioned on all fours on the living room couch, Carter moans as Matheuz bare-backs his arse while Oliver packs his mouth with cock. Oliver, after taking a turn topping his roomie, is the next to bottom as Matheuz gets another taste of his hole and pumps him full of his meat. Now on his back being mounted and pounded by hot top Matheuz, Oliver releases a more-than-impressive load all over himself and lies back as both other men add to the ocean of cum covering his smooth muscles.

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Freshmen: Oscar Kraus and Dallas White

Freshmen model Oscar Kraus makes his way over to Prague to meet his long-distance friend with benefits, Dallas White. When he texts him from the train station, Dallas is nicely surprised and starts to get ready to meet his friend. As soon as Dallas opens the door they start kissing and touching each other. When Dallas‘ towel drops, Oscar kneels down and sucks his cock. It is obvious that Dallas‘ dick is too big for Oscar’s mouth but Dallas seems to enjoy it and soon returns the favour. After some rimming, it is time to introduce Oscar’s dick to Dallas‘ hole. Oscar starts slowly, but his friend is soon begging for more.

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