Big Dicks at School: Major League: Andrew Stark and Mike De Marko

Category : BigDicks@School

Baseball scout Andrew Stark has his eye on talented young Mike de Marko but would rather have his hands, mouth and cock on him too. Luckily Andrew has something Mike wants and the guys strip down for an intense Big Dicks at School locker room fuck!

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Big Dicks at School: Learning About Infidelity: Zeb Atlas and Mike De Marko

Category : BigDicks@School

With a teacher like Zeb Atlas, Mike De Marko is happy to stay after class to get some clarification about the subject of infidelity. First Zeb clarifies Mike’s mouth, then he clarifies his hole. The Big Dicks at School camera crew capture all the hot inter-generational action!

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Dominic Ford: Jake Genesis and Seth Knight

Category : Dominic Ford

Boyfriends Jake Genesis and Seth Knight show Dominic Ford what intense, steamy and passionate action is all about. There is nothing like watching two guys go at it as if they were in the privacy of their own homes. This must-watch scene is Jake’s LAST scene ever shot before he left the industry so … enjoy!

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UK Hot Jocks: Alexis Belfort and Nick North

Category : UK Hot Jocks

Alexis Belfort is sanding some bits and pieces of a project down, to meet his own exacting standards of timber craftsmanship. Boss man Nick North is surprised to see him working alone again. “Where’s Andro?” He asks, Alexis explains that he’s called in sick, again. Nick is furious, smacks the work bench and professes his annoyance for the pitiful excuse. “Fine, I’ll just have to get my hands dirty and help out, carry on” Though Alexis can barely take his eyes off Nick as he strips off his shirt and exchanges it for an apron. Offering to help him tie it at the back is his excuse to get his hands on his hot boss. They wander … no complaints. Maybe Nick could do with some stress relief. The apron is off as quick as it was on … the guys kiss and caress each other, beard rubs against beard and hard-ons against workwear. Nick picks up Alexis and chucks him around the big bench and UK Hot Jocks were there to capture it all on film!

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