CockyBoys: Brandon Jones and Marco Gagnon: Flip Flop Fuck

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Brandon Jones and Marco Gagnon are really good friends in Montreal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also love to fool around with each other at times. At first, Brandon seemed like the aggressor between the two in this CockyBoys video — he loved talking about how he and Marco first met and how much Marco wanted to be fucked. Marco, on the other hand, was the quiet and mysterious one, smiling shyly when Brandon talked about nailing him for the first time. Brandon normally only likes to be the top for very special guys, and he was definitely eager to give Marco a good pounding today! After sucking each other’s thick cocks, Brandon began to gently fuck Marco in every way imaginable. And every time Brandon slid it in, Marco’s moans just kept getting louder until he couldn’t take it anymore. Quite literally! That’s when Marco needed to give Brandon’s arse a hard drilling, and Brandon more than willingly fulfilled that wish. It’s difficult to tell who’s the better top or bottom in this hot scene, but surprising Brandon with the fuck of his life is what sent Marco over the edge!

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Bentley Race: David Sweet and Michael Troy: Flip Fuck

Category : Bentley Race

While Bentley Race was meeting up with some mates over in Hungary recently, he got to meet up a few times with David Sweet. There was one afternoon when he brought over one of his mates after Ben suggested that he’d like to film him getting off with another guy on camera. Well you can tell that Ben was pretty excited when he first saw his David’s mate Michael Troy. Michael is a Hungarian porn star who has had experience performing for some other big gay porn studios, so Ben couldn’t wait to film David getting drilled by this hulk of a man … and neither will you!

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BelAmiOnline: Billy Cotton and Dario Dolce: Flip Fuck

Category : BelAmiOnline

As any dedicated BelAmiOnline fan would know only too well, Dario Dolce has a reputation for being the “King of the Bottoms” and today he is determined to not only show Billy Cotton how he has earned that title, but in an amazing flip flop fuck, he also shows Billy that he is a very capable Top too!

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CockyBoys: Marco Gagnon and Sonny Stewart: Flip Fuck

Category : CockyBoys

Sonny Stewart and his boyfriend Marco Gagnon have been together for the past four months. That’s right, two super hot CockyBoys stars … Sonny and Marco … are a real-life couple, and after watching this scene you’ll know exactly why! Both Sonny and Marco look a lot alike … they’re both the dark and handsome type with a few tattoos here and there and perfectly cut bodies. The way they kiss is electrifying, and their cocks are both huge … one cut, the other uncut. They’re also excellent at flip fucking and minimal when it comes to small talk. When two guys are in love, sometimes the only sounds coming out of their mouths are the moans!

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