Bentley Race: Tomas Kyle and Byron Atwood

One of the best photo shoots of the year happened when Bentley Race got two sexy mates Tomas Kyle and Byron Atwood together. Tomas was only in town for the weekend and was interested in meeting the cute Byron. They hit it off right away in the studio and you can see that in this BTS video. Both Tomas and Byron are incredibly sweet guys and they surely loved performing in this video, all bareback and flip fucking too!

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Dylan Lucas: Tyler Lakes and Oliver Star: Spring Break 2

Spring Break has begun and the time to play has started. Dylan Lucas models Tyler Lakes and Oliver Star pair off from their buddies and adjourn to their bedroom and Oliver starts out sucking Tyler’s cock. Oliver then grinds his butt against Tyler’s hard cock for a while before Tyler bends him over and rims his hole. He then fucks Oliver from behind bent over the bed. Oliver then rims Tyler’s arsehole and then fucks him on his back deep and hard. Tyler cums and then Oliver pulls out and shoots all over him.

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Drill My Hole: Dato Folland and Franky Fox

Drill My Hole models Franky Fox and Dato Foland are excited, and a little nervous, to be part of an experiment where a screen will guide them in getting to know each other. They introduce themselves, hesitating a little as they receive the instruction to take off their clothes, then must look at each other for one minute without speaking. They are directed to the bed, where they begin by cuddling and caressing each other before they start sucking one another’s cocks and exploring each other’s holes with their tongues. First Dato fucks Franky doggy-style, then the burly Russian rides Franky’s cock reverse before returning his own uncut dick to Franky’s hole till the bearded Australian cums and Dato finishes with a facial. Did both guys feel a connection? Watch and find out!

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Active Duty: Ryan Jordan and Tyson Stone

Active Duty models, Ryan Jordan and Tyson Stone, kick back on the bed and begin blowing each other intensely until they smoothly convert into a 69 position where they continue to suck on one another’s hard throbbing cocks. They love having their mouths full at the same time as they get ready to fuck. Tyson Stone goes first, since Ryan Jordan is one amazing bottom and he loves fresh cock up his tight sexy arse. Tyson pushes his cock in slow until Ryan opens up and then he fucks him balls deep making him moan in pleasure. Tyson wants to cum, but it isn’t time yet, so Ryan takes the reigns. Ryan pushes his big hard dick into Tyson’s sweet tight hole making him take every inch of his soldier cock. Ryan fucks him all over the bedroom until he can’t take it no longer. They both kick back next to each other and stroke their cocks until they both blast their loads all over the place.

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