Blacks On Boys: Xavier Zane and Logan Bell: Jail Fuck

Logan Bell has been doing a bit of time the last few years for a small charge and let’s just say his love life has not exactly been amazing. But he has been on his best behaviour and has made it to a trustee status. So with a bit more freedom, but also some extra chores, he gets to roam around a bit on his own and today finds him mopping near some of the holding cells for in-coming probation violators. Blacks On Boys model Xavier Zane has been in one of these holding cells for a while now and is not used to having his sex drive cut short like this. Xavier entices Logan to suck his cock through the bars to which Logan just can’t turn down such a nice fat cock. Once it’s in his throat he gets lost in the moment and finds himself letting Xavier out so he can get fucked. Xavier takes charge right away drilling him over the sheriff’s desk and then dragging him back into the cell to finish making Logan’s arse his.

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