ChaosMen: Isaiah and Jet

Category : ChaosMen

Jet was very eager to work with ChaosMen, and after his Serviced and Edge videos, he was looking forward to trying some major ass play. It seems to make him nut super quick! Jet had done dildo play with his girlfriend, so he was only a little worried about taking Isaiah’s cock. Still, he wanted to start off by sitting on it so he could monitor depth and speed. Didn’t take much adjusting and he was grinding like a pro …

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ChaosMen: Atticus and Ricky Decker: Pure

Category : ChaosMen

Atticus had done a couple other videos elsewhere in the past in which his hole got pounded pretty hard … and it’s kind of scared him off from bottoming. He really wanted to start off his scenes here with ChaosMen by topping first and moving into bottoming at his own pace. Ricky Decker is more experienced and was willing to be the bottom, so the camera crew decided to pair them up in a “Pure” video and see what happened! Both Ricky and Atticus are big and meaty guys and look fantastic together. If you like hairy men, then this video is filled with plenty of eye-candy, plus some amazing raw sex too!

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ChaosMen: Jamison and Stone

Category : ChaosMen

This is one for fans of hirsute guys! Both Jamison and Stone are now completely versatile, so ChaosMen knew they would have a good flip-flop film. The guys start-off with Stone doing some underwear humping … then Stone, always the gentleman, offers to suck on Jamison to get him in the mood. The guys then get down to the real action and take it in turns fucking each other … hot!

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ChaosMen: Patrick and Vander

Category : ChaosMen

Patrick and Vander are at ChaosMen today to do a Glory Hole shoot. They start off with some cock sucking, but things soon turn hotter and hornier and they quickly end up on the toilet floor with Vander fucking Patrick’s sweet arsehole raw and unprotected!

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