ChaosMen: Clyde and Solomon

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen says Solomon HAS come a long way in a short while. He can now suck dick without flavoured lube (yep, trade secret!) and will even kiss another guy on the mouth … but it’s when the fucking starts that he really cums into his own … he actually seems to enjoy the pain of another straight guy, in this case, the hunky Clyde, as he slams a rock-hard raw cock deep into his arsehole in one stiff stoke!

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ChaosMen: Solomon and Vander

Category : ChaosMen

After two previous fuck films where Solomon takes it up the ass, today he finally gets a chance to Top in this ChaosMen video! Solomon knew he would have trouble staying hard, so opted to bottom the first couple times until his confidence grew. He does a fine job topping here … a little wobbly now and then, but he is so aggressive that it works. He truly is an Angry Fucker! ChaosMen had sent pictures of Solomon to Vander to see if he would bottom for him. Mostly a Top, Vander certainly likes a good fucking, and if it is a beefcake straight boy, he gets in piggy bottom mode! His answer was a resounding, “YES!” … check out the result!

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ChaosMen: Jamison and Stone

Category : ChaosMen

This is one for fans of hirsute guys! Both Jamison and Stone are now completely versatile, so ChaosMen knew they would have a good flip-flop film. The guys start-off with Stone doing some underwear humping … then Stone, always the gentleman, offers to suck on Jamison to get him in the mood. The guys then get down to the real action and take it in turns fucking each other … hot!

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ChaosMen: Chip and Christopher

Category : ChaosMen

Kristopher really likes to top. ChaosMen fans will know he has the dirty talking down to support it, but the dude really nuts fast from being fucked. So they decided if this was a flop-flop, Chip would get fucked first. The guys started sucking each other until they were both hard. Then Chip pretty much “takes it” from Kristopher, and during the standing position he started getting hard from being fucked and “kinda” enjoying it. When it was his turn, he was happy to start topping, and he did an admirable job fucking the cum out of Kristopher.

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