ChaosMen: Kevin Texas and Kocxin

Although Kocxin says he is a bi guy, he has a girlfriend and doesn’t seem to have had a huge amount of experience with guys. ChaosMen reckon he is more of a guy who likes bootie toys. He certainly does seem to like to bottom, and has a decent sized toy that he uses at home. He actually hasn’t been using it much lately, so he did a little a stretching before this shoot, and he did great. A little slow at first as Kevin broke him in, but before long Kevin’s balls were swinging back and forth as he fucked Kocxin’s greedy raw butthole!

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ChaosMen: Isaiah and Tyler

Tyler is about as lean as they get, so seeing Isaiah’s rather large cock in scale to his body, you’d think it would split him in two. But Tyler takes his cock with ease and it is clear that Tyler does in fact like to bottom, and really worked some difficult positions. There are some very cool angles in this ChaosMen video, which you really need to watch … some very hot moments with these two hot str8 studs!

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ChaosMen: Austin and Stone

According to ChaosMen, Austin has been avoiding the TOPic of bottoming. He says he has tried fingering himself and what little tiny toy he has tried he says it hurt like crazy. But he was down for trying to bottom after seeing other dudes take his substantial cock. The casting crew figured Stone would be perfect for him too. Not hung like a donkey and usually stays very hard. The guys start off with some very intense kissing and oral. Even the 69 is awesome! Then when it comes time for Austin to get fucked, he seems to handle it pretty good. He even gets hard from the fucking.

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