ChaosMen: Michael Mission and Wright: Raw

Category : ChaosMen

Despite Michael being a married guy, he loves any chance he can get to suck dick and get fucked. He is Bi of course, and in this ChaosMen video you can really tell he genuinely loved Wright’s body and sucking his cock. But, in the end, it’s all about the fucking, and he totally got off on that too!

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ChaosMen: Aubrey and West: Raw

Category : ChaosMen

When real-life boyfriends Aubrey and West indicated that they wanted to do porn, they originally were down for mixing things up. But after thinking it thru and talking about it with ChaosMen, they ended up deciding they only wanted to do a full sex video together. Oral videos with other guys would be fine, but for now, just the two of them would have sex together. West is typically the more dominant partner, and you can tell Aubrey just loves to service and get used by his handsome boyfriend!

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ChaosMen: Cruz and Glenn: Pure

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen have a new video filming format called “Pure” … and this is the first such video to be released. The setting is all white, so that nothing detracts from the models and the action. Cruz and Glenn are clearly into each other, and the chemistry is palpable! If you like raw sex, with passion … you probably should join to see this movie!

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ChaosMen: Glenn and Kellan

Category : ChaosMen

Kellan, with his fat cock, is a natural top. It did take a few tries to get his cock inside Glenn’s tight straight butt hole … the first couple of tries didn’t work out, with him wilting, and then once he was hard, poor Glenn had to jump off of it … it’s very likely one of the widest cocks he has ever had up in him, so he had to get in the groove first! This was Kellan’s first time fucking another guy, and ChaosMen were most happy with the result … and so will you … check it out!

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