Falcon Studios: Trent Locke and Christopher Daniels: Right Here Right Now

Category : Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios models Christopher Daniels and Trent Locke turn the car’s engine off and then get busy revving each other up! Trent is down in Christopher’s lap, nursing on his long dick and mouthing his tight nut sack. His head bobs up and down as he gobbles up every inch of Christopher’s dick’s fat shaft. The horny blond leans farther back inside the car and holds his legs apart, giving Trent easy access to his arsehole. The bearded hunk digs in with the tip of his tongue and moistens the crack with his spit. Then Trent hunkers down on the hood of the car so Christopher can plow his hairy arse … all in the great outdoors!

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Falcon Studios: Ryan Rose and Zack Randall

Category : Falcon Studios

Watching the game of naked football that’s being played on the lawn makes Ryan Rose’s cock twitch. Fortunately, Zack Randall is nearby, ready to help. Zack leads Ryan indoors – first for some drippy cock slurping in the Falcon Studios kitchen, then for more serious play activities in the bedroom. After each has his fill of sucking and rimming, Ryan sits on the bed and positions his tool for Zack to ride. Zack grinds his butt onto Ryan’s pole, grabbing his hard on and swinging it like a lasso. Zack’s hairy legs and hole are hot, and the friction of his wild ride generates even more heat. Zack cries out to be fucked hard and Ryan’s perfect cock goes into overtime, thrusting and slamming until Zack’s big dick spews gobs of spunk across his torso.

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Falcon Studios: Brandon Lewis and Marcus Mojo: Escape

Category : Falcon Studios

Handsome Falcon Studios star Brandon Lewis can’t keep his eyes off the gorgeous Marcus Mojo as the young buck stands under a relentless waterfall in a swimming pool. Marcus is equally interested, and soon the two men are kissing each other, their toned torsos meshed tightly into each other. Wanting more, Brandon goes down on his new buddy, sucking down his engorged cock. Marcus responds and gets his licks in too, deep-throating Brandon’s thick shaft and tongue-tickling his balls. Both men are drowning in lust when Brandon begins fucking Marcus up the arse, making him moan with every deep plunge!

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Falcon Studios: Connor Maguire and Jackson Taylor: Rub Me Right

Category : Falcon Studios

Connor Maguire assumes the role of top man in this sultry bedroom encounter with dick-hungry Jackson Taylor from Falcon Studios. Jackson is smooth and slim, with perfect hair and nice round arse cheeks, and is soon on his knees sucking the fat-shafted uncut cock of Connor … who soon notices Jackson’s wide doe eyes looking up ready for the main event … this monster cock right up his tight little arsehole!

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