CockyBoys: Angel Rivera and Avery Jones

Avery Jones returns to CockyBoys for his first taste of NYC AND the full Angel Rivera experience! Their instant chemistry is sparked with slow and sensually passionate kissing and mutual nipple teasing and it grows as Angel reaches around and slips his fingers into Avery’s hole. The intense pleasure motivates Avery to suck Angel’s ever-growing thick cock and big balls and he’s rewarded when Angel probes his hole more.

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CockyBoys: Tayte Hanson and Levi Karter

Tayte Hanson comes full circle to reunite with Levi Karter in this scene from CockyBoys. Levi was his very first porn scene partner, and now they are back together here in this condom-free redux! As Tayte and Levi reminisce about the early days and all that followed on camera and off, they realize how much they’ve changed and grown since their first scene SIX years before! Their attraction and chemistry have NOT changed … except for the fact that it’s only gotten stronger!

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CockyBoys: Olivier Robert and Manuel Skye

Sexy ginger Olivier Robert returns to CockyBoys and Manuel Skye is more excited than usual to be able to film a scene with him! Manuel isn’t subtle about it either! He lets Olivier know how eager he is and what he wants to do and puts words turn to action. Manuel makes out with Olivier, gropes his ripped bod, strips him to the waist and pulls down his jeans just far enough to cock-tease his sculpted arse. Soon Manuel slips them both out of their jeans to engage in cock-centric foreplay … and that’s just in the first few minutes!

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CockyBoys: Tannor Reed and Brock Banks and Sharok

Tannor Reed returns to CockyBoys in a big way … being shared by best buds Brock Banks and Sharok, AKA “The “Brock-Sharok Tag-Team”! Tannor is excited to be in the hands of two considerate tops and lets them do whatever they want, while Brock and Sharok are just as happy to make sure they ALL have fun. And so, after much making out and teasing Tannor’s hole, they go for it and before long Tannor goes down on Brock while getting his hole rimmed and opened up by Sharok!

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