CockyBoys: Jake Bass and Jimmy Little

Sometimes when two guys have a really deep connection, words are unnecessary. That’s the case with Jake Bass and Jimmy Little in this hot scene from CockyBoys. Just being around each other in the morning, going through their morning routines in the bathroom, the sexual attraction seems to speak for itself. So when Jimmy walked up behind Jake and started kissing his neck, the sexual intimacy came just as natural as shaving or blow-drying hair … what started out as just a make-out session on the sink quickly moved to the bathtub where the two sucked each other off, and then the shower where Jake turned on the water for both of them to cool off. Jimmy enjoyed riding Jake’s dick as the water fell over both of them, but then they really got to business after drying off and fucking face to face right on the bathroom floor.

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Videoboys: Dominic Couture and Jimmy Little: The Balcony Scene

“Why is my best sex always with guys who have girlfriends?” That’s what Dominic Couture had to say after he finished getting fucked by Jimmy Little in this scene from Videoboys … Yes, Jimmy does have a girlfriend now, but that just makes him all the more excited to get a little variety into his sex life. And he seems particularly interested in Dominic’s little bubble butt … check them out!

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Videoboys: Jimmy Little and Ben Rose

Jimmy Little and Ben Rose are just friends under normal circumstances. But when the combination of a day with nothing to do, a few hours alone together and some hot porn pre-loaded in the DVD player all conspire to throw Ben and Jimmy into some of the most anally focussed sex Videoboys have ever seen. Both these guys are great tops but it’s their experience as bottoms that make them really aware of what a source of pleasure the arsehole can be. Knowing this about each other, they feel free to explore arse pleasure to its fullest. They do so much rimming and fingering to each other that by the time Ben is ready to get fucked, Jimmy is so excited, and his dick is so hard, that he stretches Ben’s hole wide open. And every time he pulls out he leaves Ben’s hole agape and wanting more. If you like hole play, this is the scene for you.

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Videoboys: Axel Ducharme and Jimmy Little

Did you ever have a best friend who you secretly lusted after but never dared to act on it in case they didn’t feel the same way? That’s exactly how Jimmy Little felt about his skater buddy Axel Ducharme. They’d been hanging out together for a long time but Axel always had girl friends and didn’t seem to show any interest in guys at all. But today that all changed … they spent the whole day out goofing off in the park and Jimmy started getting “vibes” from Axel that he couldn’t ignore. They did some sun bathing, played in the water, shared some ice-cream and all the while Axel was playfully touching, making suggestive jokes and just giving off a seductive vibe …so by the time they got home and were just relaxing alone together, Jimmy was about to burst. When the time seemed appropriate, Jimmy made his tentative first move. What happened next was a lot more than he had ever hoped for … and Videoboys was there to film it!

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