Blake Mason: Aaron Aurora and Janusz Gol

It’s hard to believe that Janusz Gol started out as a straight guy with no experience of cock. The Blake Mason team given him one hell of an education since his first jerk off, and now he’s one of the guys educating the gorgeous new boys too! Aaron Aurora has already has his tight little twink ass stretched on video by the hung lad Damian Harrison, but Janusz is so desperate for that fuck hole he doesn’t even have time to take his jeans off! Check out the cum loads these guys deliver!

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Gay Hoopla: Aaron Dickson and Jason Keys: Flip Fuck

Aaron and Jason are in a bedroom of the Gay Hoopla house and had some homework to get done, but things were interrupted when Aaron picked up a phone call from his parents. Jason was getting tired of listening, so decided to have some fun and fuck around with Aaron a little. He started to touch and kiss Aaron really softly on his neck. He then worked his found his way down to Aaron’s dick and all while Aaron is on the phone with parents. Aaron looked at Jason and shook his head … no, don’t do it … but Jason continued. After Aaron finally hung up, the studying had to come to an abrupt halt. Aaron was now horned up and ready to fuck the straight A’s out of Jason’s pie chart. Jason made sure to return the favour and blasted a load into Aaron’s mouth after a major fucking … this is one seriously hot flip fuck guys!

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Bulldog Pit: Will Jamieson and Aaron Burns

Will is top dog in this video from Bulldog Pit … he takes his crush (Aaron) upstairs and engages in some close up arse pounding, Aaron is loving the feeling of Will’s throbbing meat ramming deep inside him … right up to the hilt. There’s great ball slapping action which shows just how horny Will is, having as much of that hole as possible. Position changes and a superb slow motion cum shot from Will shall make your hole twitch too!

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